Blue cats at Melvern

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  1. Hey guys, please forgive me for being new to this type of fishing but I hope to get into the cats at Melvern this year. Never really fished for blues or channels intentionally. I love to fish for walleye and crappie and do quite well but need some pointers on the cats.

    I have read a lot about the different ways to rig the bait and all of that. My main questions are, what should I use for bait and where do you fish for them at melvern? Drift or anchor? We always camp at Turkey point so that is where I normally put the boat in.

    Thanks in advance!

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    Keith 1st welcome to the USCA........please ck out out mega gathering on June 4-5-6 at turkey point
    camp ground.There will be about 100 of us there for the weekend.You will have a blast and learn
    more in a weekend about catfishing than you can in a year.

    Now for your question you wont go wrong fishing right now for blues/cats around the Sundance area.
    Drifting is starting to get good so just start trying differant depths.Say from 3' to 15'.
    You wont beat fresh shad to use for bait and you should be able to net some along the banks right now.
    They are getting ready to spawn.

    West of the sundance on a good windy day fishing the north bank will produce fish for you.
    Good luck hope this helps and look forward to meeting you at the gathering if you can make it.

  3. Thanks for the information n2fishin! I am hoping to make it out this weekend so I will give it a shot.

    We will actually be out there the entire week prior to memorial day so I will see if we can swing coming back the following week for the gathering. That sounds like a lot of fun!
    If I do make it out there for the gathering I wont be hard to miss. I am the one in the wheelchair. Not too many like me running around at the lake! lol!

    Thank you again for the information. I hope to try it out this weekend!

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    Welcome to the USCA Keith.
    I will be coming from Mo. for the gathering. Hope to meet you there.
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    Welcome Keith.
    Melvern has some nice blue cats in it, and they are gettin some size to em. Hope you can get into em.
    You wont regret making the gathering. If you like good people, good food, and a good time, its the place to be.
  6. Welcome to the usca, lots of good info and people, try and make the "gathering in june"
    you will learn a lot and meet some catfishermen, that have forgot more about catfish then you can inagine. good food and good folks and they have a damm good time
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    Keith if you are camping out there the week before memorial day get
    you some nightcrawers-shrimp-minnows and set them under a cork about 2' and throw
    it right against the bank on Tonka point.You will slap some pre spawn cats on the rocks there.
    If you see gar splashing right against the bank head to that spot and throw your bait right on top of
    them and hold on.The cats will be right below them.

    Its the best time of year for you to start learning to catch catfish.
  8. Thank you for the welcome and information everyone! I really appreciate it.

    n2fishin, I hate to sound ignorant, but I have not heard of tonka point? Can you give me an idea where this is located?

    Thanks again everyone! I look forward to meeting you guys!

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    Keith if you are at the Sundance boat ramp looking east it's the BIG point
    about 1mile away on the south side.
    It's where the BIG indian staute sets on the ridge.

    The river channel runs right up aginst it and the cats spawn on it every year.BIG bolders right at the water
    with lots of holes for them cats to spawn in.
  10. Ok, I know where that is at. There are some flats to the east of that point that I have caught a few walleye on.
    Thanks so much for all of your help! I am all sorts of excited to get into this! Now if I can just convince the wife to eat them! She swears up and down they taste too 'fishy' to her. I have mixed a few channel cat fillets in when I have cooked white bass and she didnt notice so I think it is a mental thing! lol!

    Thanks again for all of the information and the very warm welcome!

  11. Welcome aboard Keith. Hope you can make it in June so we can all meet ya. Good luck at Melvern this weekend.
  12. Just like what tom said go to sundance. I have landed some big channels down there. Windy days on the points will also get you some good blues.