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  1. got to the river late had a hard time catching enough bait to go with and then I couldnt put in at the landing that I wanted to, Dunhams Bluff, so I had to drive all the way down the tanyard dirtroad, 13 miles of bumps to put in. I started fishing around 4pm and quit at dark. I caught 3 blues and 3 flatheads all in the 4#-12# range with the biggest a flathead. They wanted live shinners the most but did lose 3 nice fish 1 on live eell and 2 on live crappie. The water is really low but very navigatable down in the tanyard area. When I got there the tide was backing the water back up the river and I had to turn the boat around and fish back upriver. Never seen that before. The water temp was 55deg and the fish were defffitenatly bunched up in the deep holes. I am going again tommorow when I have a little more time to find those big flatheads. Had a great time though 6 fish in 2 hours and a ton more bites.
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    I'm trying to find a thread that was on here a few weeks ago and can't seem to find it. A guy had a 22' C-Dory and was going to make a 3 day trip up the Pee Dee and Black Rivers with his wife. I've done a number of searches and and have had no luck....I'm thinking you may have posted on that thread answering some of the questions the guy had. I enjoyed following that thread and have been curious about the Pee Dee since reading an article from the In-Fisherman Magazine a few years ago.

    If you run accross that thread....please PM me with the link.....sure would appreciate it.


  3. Nice report rivercat. What county, is that area of the pee dee in? I am way down here in georgetown, were the pee dee ends.
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  5. SFisher it is on the border between Georgetown, Horry, and Marion counties. I fish near the tanyard which is where the little pee dee and the big pee dee come together it is about 3 miles up river of the 701 bridge.

    Went back today and didnt have great success but did manage to catch 3 4# and a 15#blue and 1 6# flathead. Had a good fish on but it got us hung up and that was the end of that. Action was real slow but still had a good time with my wife and dog.
  6. Got back on the river today and THERE IS STILL NO WATER.LOL Fished from around 8am to 3pm and caught 2 blues and had only about 3-4 more bites. 1 blue 12lbs and 1 4lber. Had agreat time and the weather was nice. Might go try them in georgetown in the bay tommorow.
  7. I launched from Dunham Bluff on Monday, and I have to agree on the 'no water' statement. Have you ever fished much below 701, James? There's some deep water in Bull Creek, and the PD looks good in spots below yauhannah lake.
  8. Keep in mind that if you try to go fish down by the bay you are gonna be in SALT WATER! Seriously, I have a feeling that until we get a bunch of rain, the cats will be very scarce down closer to the bay. A guy I know that lives in dwontown G'town says the mouth of the Sampit is about 25 ppt (parts per thousand) salinity right now.

    "Normally" (whatever "normal" is) it's about 5 to 10 ppt there. Full seawater is about 36 ppt and, of course, fresh water is 0 ppt.
  9. Thanks for the info John I actually ended fishing for redfish in Murrells inlet.

    Tommy I have fished down that way a couple of times and you have to fiqure out the tides. There are some good fish down there and I am going back and staying at the boathouse in a couple of weeks. We are getting ready for shutdown starting monday at the mill but after that i will be ripping to go again.