Big Dawg tournament: The date and location is set!

Discussion in 'AMERICAN PRO CATTERS' started by Steve Douglas, Dec 27, 2011.

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    i am still ironing out some final details on the PAYOUTS, rules and regs. But the date and location is set in concrete. im also workin on the host hotels speacial anglers prices.

    Its all coming together nicely are we are getting lots of support from local and national sponsors. This event promises to be a milestone in catfishing tournament history.

    the folks at Welcome to Clear Creek Harbor - Clear Creek Harborare sparing no expense on the southern hospitality. providing many amenities on location for the anglers and crowd. There is parking for up to 700 vehicles and there are supplying the anglers with shuttles if needed.

    the folks at SYLACAUGA MARINE & ATV SYLACAUGA, AL (866) 354-2628 will have a mechanic on duty for the anglers

    i have personally fished the waters and from what i see, the lake is loaded with big solid flateads and blues. forage base is gizzard shad, threadfin shad, bream, red horse suckers ans a variety of huge shinners. As far as i know skip jack is not available in the Coosa chain of lakes.


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  2. Catfish_Commando

    Catfish_Commando TF Staff Member

    Will set a record on the highest payout event in catfish tournament history...

    This event will be huge!

  3. Looks like a good place, good luck with the tournament.
  4. looks like i may need to put some income tax money back to try and make this one sounds like its gonna be awesome
  5. heacret

    heacret New Member

    Would love to be there for it:)
  6. good luck to those who enter. yall give 'em hell.
  7. woodydrake

    woodydrake New Member

    Hell yes I am in. What is the contact information and when can people pre register.
  8. HillJack will be there
  9. duckalot

    duckalot Well-Known Member

    Looks like another Beautiful southern lake!! Google map has it 13 hrs.. and/or 775 miles from my house.... unless I win the lottery between now and June its just gonna be a pipe dream for this ol Boy...
    Sorry Steve
  10. I think Im in a point in my life that thinking of tournament fishing needs to become reality!! Anyone who has fished tournaments please IM me. I have tons of questions, but as of now...I plan to be in this one!!
  11. I'm assuming that the payouts will go pretty deep too ??? So the poor boys like me in the little humble cattin machines not the big fancy seaarks and such with $10,000 worth of electronics, lol might have a chance to at least win some gas money back ????
  12. the whole idea behind this tourny was to create higher payouts for the top finishers, we cant do that if were deviding monies down 20 places. so will not be going to deep in 2012 possibly 10 but no more, still hashin out all the details, its gonna depend on the number of boats entered. if we pull off a successful event in 2012 then we will look at improvements for 2013, the cold hard facts is; everybody cant win money.
    however we will have some kick ass parting gifts provided by top sponsors for everyone that will be distrubuted at the end of day two.
  13. bluecat13

    bluecat13 New Member

    Team Edwards is gonna be there, already looking for hotels. Steve or paul if yall need us to do anything here in Indiana give me shot....cya soon
  14. i will be posting details on food, lodging, shopping, and emergency numbers soon hang tight we are getting hotel deals for our anglers
  15. hey steve i gotta ask how do ya catch them martians in the logan martin lake

    RIVERCATN New Member

    Well my blues will be spawning so i will see if i can find my way down there. If nothing else i want to be part of the first one.
  17. J_Carter

    J_Carter Well-Known Member

    Well guess if you are going you will need a guy with a strong back for pulling that anchor...time to start studying the map!!!!
  18. roundhill

    roundhill New Member

    im working on my arm strenth for the big fish im redy come on june the roundhill:pray::wink1::tongue1::sneaky:
  19. We just made up our mind to be there. It is going to be a change for us not fishing with skipjack, but we will get through it.
  20. roundhill

    roundhill New Member

    :tongue1: HOW ABOUT SOME UPDATES for us little puppys:laugh::biggrin1: