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    I was hoping that some of you could give me some advice about trotline baits. We're going to run some lines over the weekend and I'd like to get some ideas for bait. We'll be setting our lines in a small river that feeds into the Missouri. We'll be between 1/2-3/4 miles from the Missouri. The small river is running pretty full but only has a current of about .5 mph right now. My hope is that the flat heads will be stacked up in the slower moving river right now.

    I'd prefer to use some live bait for my lines on this trip. I can get plenty of goldfish and bluegill. I could probably get a lot of crawfish, carp or bullheads. I'd like to know what you guys have had the best luck with and what baits typically live the longest on a trot line. If anyone has any other advice I'd be grateful.

    Thank you
  2. Our main trotline bait where I am from are bluegill but not just any we call them warmouth in KY at about 4-5 inches long. They are more robust and lively than reg. gills and it just seems like the flatheads love them. My main bait when fishing for flatheads on rod and reel also. Good Luck!!!
    male warmouth sunfish from Dillon Reservoir 26May09 by BZ.jpg

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    Bullheads and perch. I would put bullheads about a fourth of the way from each bank and perch in the middle of the line. Or rotate perch then bullhead then perch etc. IMO flats will hit the bullheads before the perch.
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    Well those warmouth are hard to beat for trot lines or limb lines. Green perch/black perch are pretty lively too. good chunk a asian carps or even cut bluegills or shad works pretty good too.
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    Put a piece of aluminum foil on a few hooks about 2 inches wide and 4 inches long. When other fish get hooked on the line the foil will be moving around and fish will strike it. Try several different baits so if they are being picky you may find it out quicker. Most of the time I keep bream closer to the banks and put cut bait farther out.
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    Malted milk balls, hands down!!! The Whoppers kind....Suck the chocolate off and then paint neon green.....

    good luck!

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    hey man sounds like you have the rite bait, we use live bluegill, bullheads they both work great for us, good luck and keep on fishin
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    Yep, nothing beats live bait for flatheads on trotlines. BIG Bait and BIG Hooks, dont let the size of the river fool you. There should be some dandy flats in there.
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    Mullberry trees that are flooded with fruit on em. Set ya limb lines around em use the bigger live baits you can get. Make shure you are tied off to stout limbs and be ready. Also any flooded horn bean trees you find some reason flats like them to. For blues good ol 2 inch bighead chunks skin on all you need for em. The Flats gills and bullheads. But dont be afraid to try worms. We got the locust hatch be dont be afraid to try em.
  11. I live a little west of St. Louis, and can count on one hand the number of bullheads I've caught. Is there any special trick to it, other than fishing nasty little sludge ponds?

    If someone wants to stock a pond with hundreds of them, I saw about 3 inch schools of baby bullheads yesterday in about 2 foot of water where a creek flooded a low spot. near Jonesburg/Warrenton. Easy cast netting or seining.

    Also, as far as I know, crappie aren't legal bait in MO.

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    Sam about every pond here on the west side has bullheads. nota prob finding them here