Best time of day to carp fish ?

Discussion in 'Carp Fishing' started by kyron4, Jul 23, 2007.

  1. kyron4

    kyron4 New Member

    I've caught them in the morning and at night, but do they "bite" all day or is one time better than other ? -Thanks
  2. Kyron,

    I don't know either...I'm waiting on an answer myself....I remember my Grandfather used to fish during the daytime on the Tombigbee river over a baited hole and caught a lot, but I don't know much about carp and their movements....Most of the talk I hear about is to do with night.....Dwight

  3. Just to guess they will bite about anytime. ive caught them in the morning at noon and evening caught to yesterday around 5:30 pm
  4. rosscatman

    rosscatman New Member

    I agree carp will bite just about anytime.
  5. I think it's when ever you have time to sit down next to the water. :big_smile:

    I've caught them at all times of day.
  6. kkyyoottee

    kkyyoottee New Member

    Just as the water starts to cool in evening is the best time for me!!:boss:
  7. TA2D

    TA2D New Member

    I have caught carp all times of day, most productive were late morning, or early evening, I like to use canned corn, or a crawler can be real productive also.


  8. Id have to agree with Aaron. I ve caught them in all times of day, but 2 hours before sunset, until a half an hour after the sunset, is when Ive caught the most. Usually just corn on a small hook, a little chumming, no weights, and a really good rod holder!:wink:
  9. frymire

    frymire New Member

    always remember this,,,, the best time to catch carp or any fish is when u can go..
  10. dex

    dex New Member

    I have caught carp all times of the day, but the best times seems to be in the morning.
  11. For me the best time is in the morning. With the bread or corn.
  12. crazyKat

    crazyKat New Member

    i caught a 20 pounder wednsday in the ohio river at 3 in afternoon on a big chunk of cut skipjack??? go figure?
  13. riverfishinfool

    riverfishinfool New Member

    fishing evening with dough balls. (corn syrup, wheaties, vanilla,) use some bread as chumming will bring them into the area your fishing. lot of good times doing this in ponds, and backwaters.