Best tasting catfish?

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  1. What is the best tasting catfish to you? Flathead, blue, or channel? What is the best tasting size to eat? Or do you believe they all taste the same?
  2. I've always heard a mess of channels are good.:wink:


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    Flathead under 10 pounds is great.

    Channel under 5 is also really good.

    Blue couldn't pay me to eat them in any size.
  4. A flathead under 15 pounds and under
    A channel cat has to be under 10 pounds, usually smaller the better
    And Blue has to be under 15 pounds and thats pushing it.

    Flathead being the best bar none.
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    I guess it's up to the person doing the eating... I got nothing against anyone keeping the largest fish they caught!!!!! Look at it this way what do you like more ribeye steak or veal come's from the same aniamil just one taste better than the other :smile2:Oh yea lmao veal is a little smaller!!!
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    I'm partial to flatties 8 and under with channels in the five and under range running a close second. Fry some taters and onions with either and you've got a meal:big_smile::wink: Stay safe and stick a pig!!!:wink:
  8. I find flats around the 4-8 pounds are great. The fillets are not too think and don't need to be filleted twice. Channels in the 4-5 pound range are my keepers. And blues around 5-8 pounds, but they have to be sliced thin. I also only add alittle dry mix to my catfish as I don't like a thick batter. I want to taste the fish not the batter. Good luck out there
  9. The best to me is a 10 lb flathead for a good courtboullion(cajun dish)..Because the flathead eats primarily live bait it tends to make the meat sweeter and less oily tasting..A good 10 lb fish makes a perfect size pot for the family + leftovers..As far as fried I like under 5 lb channels..
  10. Flatties too in my opinion, but that don't ammount to much sometimes at least my kids don't think so.:wink:
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    my votes flathead

    blues second

    bullheads third

    channels yuck !!!!!
  12. whatever catfish that i catch and someone else cleans and cooks for me lol

    impossibilities aside i have always liked channels the best-- got flats, blues and channels frozen right now im not too picky :)
    my favorite fish to eat out of all is walleye and ocean perch
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  13. Welcome to the BOC Joe.
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    tear me off a flattey its all good !
  15. A blue less than 10 lbs. that has been cleaned right is by far the best tasting to me.
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    I like them all, but I think they're best on the smallish size. Some of the best catfish I had was at a hole-in-the-wall restaurant just north of Panama City, FL. They were small channel cats, I presume, had only been skinned, gutted, heads cut off, and probably beer battered. You got about three of them to a plate, they left the tails on and you ate around the bones or just separated the meat from the bones. They were about the size of a good ear of corn, along with mustard greens, cornbread, hushpuppies, and cream style corn.
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    I like Flatheads the most, but I only catch Blues
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    flathead ole buddy they r the best