Best spring crappie bait - What is it?

Discussion in 'Crappie Fishing' started by kat buster, Apr 17, 2006.

  1. kat buster

    kat buster New Member

    I have found out the best spring crappie bait! At least were I fish for them (south west Michigan). It is a very small ice jig with a wax worm on it. In the spring fish like smaller jigs and in the fall they like larger jigs.
  2. Cattledogz

    Cattledogz New Member

    D. J. Where at in southwestern MI?

    Great idea on the wax worms.

  3. tdpasser

    tdpasser New Member

    When traveling in MN I picked up the hottest Crappie lure they had and it was called the Pink Crappie Monkey and it works great here in AZ. It comes in glow in the dark also.
  4. Cattledogz

    Cattledogz New Member

    You have a picture of that lure? Sounds interesting :)
  5. tdpasser

    tdpasser New Member

    Barb I looked online and cannot find it. I bought it at Gander Mt. sporting goods in MN. They also use it for Ice Fishing Crappie. It comes in a individual little plastic tube and the best one was pink Pink Crappie Monkey and the next best on was the glow in the dark version. It had fat short body with 2 long arms. If I run into them I'll let you know.
  6. Cattledogz

    Cattledogz New Member

    Thanks Terry. I looked for it online as well and couldn't find one so thought I would ask if you had a pic.
  7. As I said before Crappie Thunder is god once again. We went out today and slayed them prolly catching about 15 or more.
  8. explayer

    explayer New Member

    the bbc is the best :)
  9. RiverOtter

    RiverOtter New Member

    As QuincyFisher said Crappie Thunder seem to be one of the best baits for crappie. Obviously minnows are really good too, but as far as artificial Crappie Thunder. There is this new bait out called The Crappie Magnet that can only be bought at WalMart. People here on the BOC say they work great. I bought some, but havnt had the chance to try them out yet. I know my friends have caught a few crappie on them. Good luck.
  10. TDawgNOk

    TDawgNOk Gathering Monitor (Instigator)

    Not my walmart
    They don't have it!
  11. kickin_wing

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    Those crappie better watch out for those road runner crappie thunders. :eek:
  12. bondman

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    BLUE & WHITE TUBE JIGS !!!!!! best bait I have used all year.. Took my kids out to the local lake saturday and we caught almost 200 fish off them tube jigs.. Nothing huge but a lot of 8 inchers in the mix. I went out today and caught 17 over 9inches and 4 of them was over 12 what a day am going back out tomorrow and I will see what happens then....
  13. kingcat23

    kingcat23 New Member

    Pink and White Tubes..........been out 3 times this year and have caught my limit every time
  14. bondman

    bondman New Member

    went back out today caught 6 over 10" and 2 Cats on BLUE & WHITE tubes had a couple of more cats but they broke me off at the boat.....
  15. kat buster

    kat buster New Member

    Cattledogz, I live in Berrien County, in a small town calles Galien. It is right by Niles. The best two baits I have had the most luck on are BEATLE SPINS which I used yesterday and slayed gill and crappie. Also a small Ice jig with a bobber set about a foot or two deep and cast that in the lilly pads. Thats what I used at my friends pond and caught a a bunch of slap crappie the biggest was about 12 inches.

    P.S. Try the beatle spin it is a great lure. Get it in the smallest size you can find. You can troll it or cast it either way it works great.
  16. This time of the year the right color tube jig does great. I have had much success with white, blue, and white/red combo tube jigs. Just make sure you are presenting them to the fish and not open water and you will do well!
  17. bobberdown

    bobberdown New Member

  18. small shad caught with a castnet. that is still my favorite veritcal fishing lure in spring. with conditions changing as rapidly as they do this time of year i find crappie like the real fish they see everyday.
  19. TDPasser, are these the ones your looking for? They are sold in tubes with plastic caps.

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  20. olefin

    olefin New Member

    I know a high dollar guide that's on this lake almost every day.... he uses nothing but little red minnows. He catches fish every time.

    I've looked here at Walmart and they don't have Crappie Magnets.. guess I'm going to have to order me some of those.