Best Dip Bait to dip my catfish bait?

Discussion in 'Catfishing Baits' started by crazychuy, May 16, 2006.

  1. What do you recommend as the best dip bait to dip my catfish bait into?????

    Are dip baits better then "all naturale"???????????


  2. Wicked sticky, Danny kings blood and hogs wild...i arm myself with these any time im goin after eating size channels... dip baits work best in warm weather also...

  3. Hey Chuy, My favorite is Danny King's and he is one of our sponsors and a link can be found at the right side of this page.

    Which ever dip bait you decide to use the very best, hands down delivery system is Looper's Rigs. He is also a sponsor and found on the right side of the page. Do a search for Looper's Rigs and you will see that everybody loves them. As a matter of fact, I was searching the web for a better way to hold dip bait on a hook when I found his rigs and in turn found the Brotherhood through the link on his website. Try them you won't be disappointed.

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    If I am reading your question correctly, you are wanting to know what dip bait we suggest and then want us to answer if it's better than all natural baits. Am I right?

    Dip bait:
    I personally like Sonney's in both blood and original flavors. My fishing partner uses Doc's dip bait. Both baits catch plenty of eater sized cats, usually channel.

    Punch bait:
    I would say it would be Danny Kings hands down.

    Natural biat:
    In my opinion, nothing beats either cut skipjack herring or cut shad for catching cats. Others really like cut sunfish or bream and I have no doubt that it works real good. Chubs, shiners, goldeneye, carp, and crawdads are also good natural baits as well as nightcrawlers, catalpha worms. Then of course there is chicken liver, beef liver, and turkey liver.
  5. Thanks brothers.

    What is the difference between "Punch Bait" and "Dip Bait"?

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    Punch bait is a stiff fiberouse stink bait that you use a treble hook with you just PUNCH it in the bait with a stick then pull it out.
    Dip bait is softer sticker stink bait with the consistancy of peanut butter wiyh it you need a carrier like a plastic worm tube or in my case a looper rig for the bait to collect on.