Best catfish lake in Nebraska?

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  1. What does everyone think? Whats the best catfish lake in Nebraska? Is it Calumus? Big Mac? Sherman? Harlan? or another? leave a post of your favorite lake and the average size and catch.
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    I would say merritt is probally the best....I fish harlan alot but I always just fish the spillway never in the lake...

    I worked on a ranch right by merritt and use to fish it alot...I never landed anything that big but I took a stinger home everytime I was there...

    my problem there was I didn't have a boat....and you need one to fish that lake

  3. Frank I have never gotten out that way. Hope you do good.
  4. i would say merritt i was out there not to long ago the big fish of the weekend was a 28lb channle cat and the and averge size is about 10-15 lb not to bad
  5. I would have to say Merritt. My co-worker just got back from there and he caught a 25 plus pounder. On a leach fishing for walleye of all things. I told him I was jealous because he caught the fishing I've been fishing for all year. Plus the state record Channel cat was caught out of there. So until it's beat the record I'd say it still remains #1.
    Second I'd have to say Branched Oak by Lincoln. Always caught a stringer full and usually 5 fish would go 13 to 30 pounds. So I know there are bigger ones in there.
    3rd would be Calumus. Heard nothing but good about that lake.
  6. i would say merritt... havn't been there in prolly 25 years but what i hear....chris will tell ya
  7. I suppose if you split the state in to 2 halves east/west it might be a different response. I'd love to try Merritt though.
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    well rusty that sounds like gathering talk.....I'd say we are all about half a days drive from merritt...all you eastern guys would have the long haul prize for sure...

    ya'll would have to get off the interstate and hit some of dem there back roads :smile2: we don't have dem "extra wide roads" round there:smile2:
  9. Calamus by far the tournament I was in 2 years ago there 1st place was 139lbs 7oz in 8 fish biggest one being 23lbs 2nd place was 139lbs even big fish 25lbs 3oz Big fish went to someone who was using shrimp only caught one but its 29lbs 5oz. Branched Oaks is a good lake for blues but channels not so much. My biggest blue came from that lake. 43lb. Elwood and Johnson are both good too but you just got to have a boat. which I dont have anymore which is why I dont tourney fish.
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  10. I agree with you Frank. Let's bring the gathering out here to the west. And I would definetly take the time off of work to go to Merritt. With or without a boat. I've got my boat torn apart right now and it's not much fun. Oh well when it's done I'll be able to say I rebuilt on my own.
    I'd like to see how many of those easterners would make the trip out here for the gathering. Good response Frank I like the idea alot
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    never to soon to set a gathering date:big_smile:

    I know how you feel with the boat redue...I'm donating my garage space this winter to 2 boat projects....a 16x48 flatbottom and a 17ft glastron my buddy just got...we are going cross country to get the glastron in a few days... these are gonna be some bad @ss catfishing boats when we are done with them...

    It would be nice to flood merritt with boc'ers you got my vote
  12. i was thinkin' bout heading out thata way sometime last week of june/first week of july... you got my vote... chris would prolly join in...
  13. Hanscom Park Lagoon.
  14. I think the best is a small lake that shall remain nameless for overpressure reasons,normal to go there and catch 15 to 20 or so fish in 4 or 5 hours,it only has channel cats but they range from about 5 to 30 lbs.,as far as a big lake I think that calamus looks the best from the sampling data and harvest records,plus the fact that it is still on an upward swing as far as fish populations and size, I agree there is some good fish in merritt but the lake is on the decline according to sampling and catch survey records and has been for about 8 years.But sherman may be a sleeper for cats,not many folks really catfish that lake,they mostly chase the crappie and walleye.
  15. I'm going to throw Big Mac and Harlan in there as sleepers for big cats. I know that at least 6 channies of 30 plus pounds taken out of there this year. Of course these fish were caught while the guys were fishing for walleyes. I'm hoping to try and do some serious catfishing there next year. I talked to a G&P agent last year that said in the 70's the state release like 1000 blue cats into there. Do anyone think they all got caught? I doubt it and if no than that means there could be a fish in there well over 100 pounds with all the other feeder fish that lake has. I've been out here for just over a year and only fished it 2 times. I'm hoping to really attack it hard next year considering it is only 22 miles from my house. So that is my two cents on Lake Mac. I don't know much about Harlan but I've heard of good fish coming out of there too. I know both lakes are big enough to hold world record fish it's just a matter of finding and catching them.
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