Best bait for Louisiana Catfish

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  1. Good morning,
    I was wondering if anyone could give me some help on the appropriate bait for med size cats in Louisiana. I have used raw chic liver, seasoned and sun dried chic liver, night crawlers, large shiners and some prepackaged slab bait from Academy. All I seem to be able to attack is small catfish. I have caught alot of this size fish but the largest is about 14 inches. These are good eating size but it sure would be nice to hang a good cat.
    Any help would be appreciated.
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    Around here they use shad caught with a net or castnet. Either whole or cut. When I went with Gordon, he and his son caught a 10# and 8# cat on them. His wife caught a 43# one I believe a little while ago. From what I have read, the packaged shad is a waste of money as they suck out the fish oils before they package them.

  3. Yep, get you a cast net for the shad. Another popular bait is live bream that you've caught on a hook. The old saying is that big bait catches big fish. Don't be afraid to use larger bait if you're targeting the bigger fish.
  4. Yep, feed 'em what they eat, that's the best route. Take along the other baits and try them when they aren't biting what you get in the castnet. Shrimp is always good to me.
  5. Me and cwhite6 - Chip - like we call him went on da Big Red last night at Lock and dam #2 and keeyaawww was dat fun... we used chicken livers, day were hittn chickin livers purtty good and shad, dey liked dem too. We caught a few and missed one dat broke a sinker and kept a coke bottle jug down under da water for about two minute.... keeyaawww dat one had to be big....
    but to told da trute nuttin else work for us last night, chicken hearts, hog wild stick bait, nuttin....just da shad and livers...
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    Randy, Ive never had much luck on chicken livers or any of the prepared baits that can be bought at Academy, Wal-mart, or Bass Pro. I do real good in the spring time on the red river with night crawlers for smaller cats. This time of the year I use shad almost 100 percent of the time. I'm back in Mexico working right now, but until last weekend I was fishing the river almost daily for 2 solid weeks! The bite was awesome. We caught a pile of fish using shad fillets. I kept varying the depth of water I fished in until I found the size of cats I wanted to catch. I think water depth has a lot to do with the size of the fish this time of year. I ended up staying in the 6 to 12 foot range. Lots of the fish we caught were in the 2 to 6 pound range. Live bream are a good bait if your targeting the bigger fish, but it is not a big producer for me. The bite on live bait is a lot slower than with a cut bait that will get you a scent trail in the water. You just really can't go wrong with shad. If your looking for 1 pound fish and up, I highly recommend it! Good luck and looking forward to hearing some reports from ya!!!
  7. We've been having real consistent results with chicken hearts. Usually in a regular "run" with our noodles, we average several pan-frying size, a few 2lbers, & 1 or 2 over 3 lbs. They don't tear them off real easy, & seem to like them just fine! Works for us, anyway!
  8. Been using bream mainly for cut bait and whole. The cats, mostly channels, seem to like the heads. Of course, with small bream, there ain't much else.
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    Redneck, I think location and depth are as much or more important than bait. Time of the year, water temperature, all play a roll. In the summer the oxygen content, make a big difference.
    Good fishing!
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    When Evans and I went Friday night, we caught almost all of the fish over a 50'-70' hole on 10' jug lines. The shad were running like crazy and we had a full moon.