Beef Melt 'aka' Cow Spleen -Tried It?

Discussion in 'Channel Catfish' started by pabloracer4748, Jul 31, 2009.

  1. I Just used beef melt for the first time and I believe it may be the best channel cat bait i've seen. I had to request it from the butcher because it is worthless for anything but fishing and gets tossed out. Its hard to describe but it is a very bloody mass with thick skin on it. Anyone tried it?
  2. Never caught fish with it but I know its the best crawfish bait you can get..

  3. caught a lot of big channels on it today! it works:big_smile:
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    I'm with Les, it is the best crawdad bait I've ever used. Tried some the other day in a crawdad trap and they were all over it. Sorry, but I've not had any success with it for the cats.

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    Anybody got a picture of one? After the comments here I'm thinking of maybe keeping the spleens of the deer I kill this year and try them for crawfish bait next year. I'll just have to figure out which is the spleen.
  6. Im sorry I was wrong it is a cows pancreas.

    I will post up some pics when I get more next week. It looks like a gigantic cow tongue. Im sure there are better baits out there. Ive always used fresh cut shad and it performs well also.

    on another note
    I'm going to buy 4 dozen worms, 2 containers of livers, beef blood, a jar of shad sides, and a jar of shad guts put it al in a blender until it is almost liquified, then wrap it in cheesecloth and try that. :big_smile:
  7. Pancreas...Spleen....Who knows the difference??:smile2:
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    Oh - beef melt is the pancreas. Now I just need to figure out which deer organ is the pancreas - not the spleen.
  9. Nope, Beef Melt is Beef Spleen--positive, I use it often for crabbing.
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    Well, I'm just going by what was written in this thread. Doing a Google search reveals the same thing (some think it's spleen, some think it's pancreas).

    This document says pancreas:
    Basically the same document, different source:

    This is the only thing I found from what should be a reliable source that says what it is. Most everything else is from other message boards.
  11. It's all good, not trying to ruffle any feathers, just that's what we have always known it by.
    Have a great day.