bank fishing on the Missouri River

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  1. riverfishing

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    im going to go on the missouri in a couple of days and my boat is broke im im gonna fish from the bank..... i dont know if this is a good idea cuz all my friends say they eather get snagged or there poles breaks..... i got a 7\2 foot ugly stick with 25 pund line..... is this nenough??
  2. pk_powell

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    There are places from shore that will snag you and there are places that won't. It's difficult to say,I would use a sinker drop line and then my baited hook would hoppelly be kept free of anysnags. Have a wonderful time. She is very relaxing out there.---------------pat Powell:smile2:

  3. riverfishing

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    ok will do thanks
  4. Myself and TA2D fish off of a wingdike on the Mighty MO, and we don't get snagged there any more then we do at other places.

  5. riverfishing

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    ok i will try that tomarrow
  6. fishinjunky

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    where are you fishing cause we just got back from neb. city and most of the dikes are under water or only have inches to go. try fishing feeder creeks now, and also try fishung areas where the river is not usually at such as, flodded banks, and so on.
  7. riverfishing

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    i just got back but instead of going to missouri i went to the elkhorn river and that was about 3 feet higher than normal to so you couldnt realyl fish there withought getting into neck high water wen ur NOT in a deep spot
  8. PM me sometime when you're going back to Nebraska City. I'm originally from there (born there,) and grew up south of there. I know myself and TA2D would love hitting the river up there.

  9. Penn209

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    Hows the water clarity on the Missouri? I'm hoping after all the rain last weekend, it's starting to clear up.
  10. fishinjunky

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    penn, personally i've never seen the missouri river clear, hence the name the "Big Muddy". but if your basing clarity on fishing success remember that catfish hunt with smell not sight. just throw something bloody in and hold on, also try something native to the river such as shad carp drum whatever. also move often and try different things when something is not working.