Bait for turtles?

Discussion in 'Turtle Talk' started by blindfly69, Jun 21, 2007.

  1. blindfly69

    blindfly69 New Member

    well the title of the post kinda explains my question....what bait is best for turtles on the rod and reel?
  2. bodi

    bodi New Member

    i use dead minnows that are about 3in long and 90% of the time you will catch turtles

  3. Cat Hunter

    Cat Hunter New Member

    I have caught turtles on almost anything. The problem is I am never trying to catch them. Try worms or livers both have worked for me when I didnt want a turtle to bite.
  4. TX Fisherman

    TX Fisherman New Member

    any thing, hot dogs minnows almost anythign, never caught em on purpose unless i was trying to remove them, but now i use a turtle trap instead of rod and reel
  5. try cut bait it waks good on a rod n reel for hoop nets we use cut carp
  6. chicken skin works good as well as liver and cutbait.
  7. Nate, I've caught some real nice turtles on cut bait, cut bream and white perch specifically.
  8. Dead minnows and cutbait. If they are any turtles around, they will eat it. I have also caught a few on liver.
  9. Yup, got to the local bait store and they will usually give you all their dead minnows/gold fish. Use them, they work well.
  10. Deer Meat Works well also
  11. i say livers, and a LOT on the hook. you are more likely to catch a good snapper on a piece of liver that is too big for a channel to eat. at least it works for me. i love the taste of snapping turtle.
  12. txcats

    txcats New Member

    this may sound weird, but my son like to catch them on hotdogs.
  13. biggen0_8

    biggen0_8 New Member

    On trot lines, I like a big hunk of beef tongue. It's tough enough that little blue gills won't tear it up before the turtle gets there. But I think they will eat just about anything they find.
  14. codey72

    codey72 New Member

    Fish heads and Chicken livers is what I use for bank-lines. That can catch cats or turtles, whichever one is hungrier and closer. My grandpa's friend caught a 46 pound turlte on Tyson Chicken livers.
  15. I'm with Shane, snapping turtles are delicious! (Too bad your good taste doesn't extend to your choice of sports teams:wink:.)
  16. I believe they will hit anything I have on a hook when I'm fishing, just like drum and gar.
  17. got one

    got one New Member

    i would say that just about any meat will work but i've always done well on cut bait. and chum the area with cut bait if possible.
  18. Guess that's what I get for being a dumb o'le country boy. I thought juggin' for cooters would have been everybody's favorite pass time as a boy. First rainy night in the summer, take you a croker sack, and ride the roads, picking up every frog you see. Frogs are the best for cooters, or turtles. You'll still catch catfish, but not near as many as if you used chicken livers and cut bream and stuff. But the cooters can't leave the frogs alone. I hadn't done it in a whole lot of years now, but I bet my boys would love it. I might have to turn them on to it. Thanks for the reminder - I'm sure they'll get a kick out of it. Hope this helps. (In fact, I know it will.)
  19. I use blue gill with great results. The heads are
    are usually the best IMO. I also advise that you
    take a knife and stab the head several times.Make it look really narly. Three weeks ago I did this at Eagle creek here in Indpls. I caught 5 snappers that weighed 20lbs.+. Blue cats are pretty quick to take the bait as well... I did'nt have a problem with that!
  20. Bigun

    Bigun New Member

    Salt pork or bacon with the Rind on.