Are goldfish legal bait?

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  1. I have been asking around and hear, "yes, they are legal" and "no, they aren't". I can't find any information if goldfish are legal to use for bait in North Carolina. I'm wondering what your thoughts are on this and also, are they good bait?
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    Tom, bait shops all over North Carolina sell gold fish for bait, for catfishermen and striper fishermen. I have used them for years for flatheads and blues. The only thing I know for sure about goldfish and other non native bait is that you can not dump your remaining bait into the waters of North Carolina if they are not native to that lake or river. In my area (LKN) we can buy rainbow trout (during the winter months) for striper bait (blues like them too) and they are not native to LKN or any other warm water lakes or rivers and when you are finished fishing, just like goldfish, you can not dump your remaining trout into warm water lakes or rivers. Mac

  3. I've used them a few times and they seem to work. I have noticed the channel cats bite the smaller ones (3" or4") and flatheads will take a large one about 8".
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    I personally don't know of anything that's illegal to use for bait on a rod and reel. Of course something that's illegal to possess would be illegal, such as but not limited to, walking catfish or snakehead fish or maybe some mussels in some waters.What do yall think? Ever heard of any illegal bait?
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    To be safe I always call dnr myself, keep the number and the name of the person you talk to. That's a 50/50 on the goldfish, there are lot of places where they are illegal for sure, I just don't know about our area. Many times I have to leave a message about my question but they always call me back with in 2 days.
  6. as far as i know here in kansas they are legal for bait
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    I know pet stores sell feeder goldfish also, I'm not sure if its cheaper than a bait store, just thought I would throw that out there.
  8. They're about 10 or 12 cents each at a pet store. I've bought them for that price and raised them for a few months in a small pond. They quickly become 5 or 6 inches in a few months if the water is warm. They don't seem to grow during the winter. They were illegal to use as bait when I lived in Pennsylvania years ago.