Anyone know how to preserve a turtle shell?

Discussion in 'Turtle Talk' started by Little Bill, May 1, 2009.

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    I caught a nice Alligator snapping turtle a couple weeks ago. It's as big around as a 55 gallon drum probably 40-50 pounder. Havent weighed it yet. Been feeding it out and getting ready to butcher it. I want to preserve the shell. Anyone out there ever done it and how do you do it?It is legal in Louisiana to keep one alligator snapper a day so please don't tell me to turn it loose ain't happenin. The thought of the sauce picant that I'm going to make out of this critter is making my mouth water. If it was a true giant I would just take a pic then turn it loose. This one is going in the pot. I will try to take some pics and post later.
  2. I cleaned up a shell of a 30 pounder after cleaning the turtle . Getting it good and clean I let it dry out for 3 days in the garage then lacquered it 8 times and made a clock out of it . It still looks great after 9 years .

  3. I gave one to a friend years ago,He said he rubbed borax into the inside and let it dry indoors for a few weeks,then wiped off the excess borax and after cleaning the outer shell,he gave it a coat of clear spray laquer.
  4. After cleaning,, let dry in the shade spray top side only with wd 40,every now and then real good.. do not wipe off, It will dry from the inside, once fully dried..rub it all down good with some transmission fluid or 30 weight oil a coupe of times. It will absorb into the inner& outer shell real good and almost look purplesh.Like the bloods working back into the shell.but once its done It will look like it was still attached to it original owner:cool2: after about a month wipe and buff off. NICE..

    I've even done it on antlers. after 14yrs still looks good as it was after I done it in the first place.:wink:
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    sounds great all but the clock part. i thought everyone knew if you went and made a clock out of a turtle shell, it would run too slow.
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    Take your turtle shell and bury it in a red ant pile for 1 or 2 weeks, let the ants clean it up. It works like a charm. spray with crystal clear spray paint
  7. Just a note, dogs like to chew on the shells.
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    I believe those turtles are on the endangered species list. Please check before you clean.
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    For turtle like hardness- shine and luster ...use turtle wax lol wax on wax off. :big_smile: