Anyone been out on the Fox yet?

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  1. Anyone catch any cats this season on the Fox River? Don't forget to mention what area you guys are fishing.
  2. corey1987

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    i caught a 11lb 1 oz channel on grass lake where it goes in to the fox, i guess thats not really the fox but she fought super hard caught on two large shrimp

  3. Nice. Are you talking about the spot by the grass lake boat launch (north end of the lake) or the south side where the lake flows into the river?

    Did you see that they closed the Oak Point on 173 and the park on the other side of the river on 173 as well until May? I wonder why. I thought they finished construction there a while ago.
  4. corey1987

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    sorry i was incorrect its right where you see the first jackson bay sign coming from the chain o lakes state park half way to blarneys island, theres a sharp drop from 3-4 feet to 7, caught a 3lber out of it 2 days ago too. yea i did see that, i didnt know any reason why it was closed so its all new to me, i know the bar across the street lets you fish off there dock if you give them like 2 dollars, and you can always walk under the bridge from there.
  5. Yes, I have seen people fishing off that dock several times. I'll stop by next time and ask if I can night fish there.

    I'll post back if I catch anything decent this year.

    Good luck

  6. corey1987

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    yea man let me know if you catch anything, im trying for a 20lb+ channel this year i set my goal for one in the teens and my first time out i caught a 14lb 11oz, the pics are in my album if you wanna take a look. but im gonna try the fox alot this year, seen alot of big fish come out of it. i dont know if you ever go onto but there photo galleries of cats are nice plus theres a bunch of just random info on practically every place around here