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    Anybody ever use Anise, Vanilla extract or Cod Liver oil to treat cut bait, liver, shrimp and etc? I have heard that a lot of old timers used Anise and it was their secret weapon. Does anyone know how effective it really is or is just a myth?
  2. RebelMan

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    Back in the day I used vanilla extract with shimp. Put them out in the sun for a day (summer heat) and used them with good results for channel cats

  3. Mickey

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    I have used all of the above with little results, but Garlic or Chicken Blood works better.
  4. jworth

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    i use garlic extract sometimes but usually normal shrimp works fine
  5. Philippe

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    Sometimes when i use shrimp i will soak them for a few days in Anise or the Vanilla extract and it works pretty darn good, just depends on where i am fishing. Problem is, the stuff is expensive!
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    Anise is the flavoring used for black jelly beans and Ouzo. The Star Anise is relatively inexpensive, generally found in herb stores where bulk herbs are sold, and approximately a 1 oz bag will cost you about $5. Being it is also good for digestion (the Romans used to make Anise cakes to eat when they would have a feast in order to control their indigestion), and that it tastses pretty good, if you make up a batch of sweet tea from it and the fish don't bite as well as you'd figure, you can always drink the tea and have better digestion without flatulence.

    I don't know about flavoring shrimp or cut bait with it for catfish, but I do know that some soft plastic lures such as worms and lizards, are scented with Anise for bass fishing and it is supposed to help attract fish. It is also used widely in carp fishing.

    I haven't tried it, since I do ok with catfish by just using regular canadian night crawlers, regular uncooked shrimp, and regular minnows and breams.

    Oh, an extra little thing... if you have a dog, Anise tea is to many dogs what catnip is to many cats.
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  8. I have never had any luck with any of thses mentioned. Most luck I have ever had awas a nibble and then caput! Nothing!:mad1:
  9. Like you, I have read about using Cod Liver......and I looked for it everywhere to try...still have not found any around Raleigh...

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    It's like try to find hen's teeth!!!
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    i hve used this combo of anise oil and cut chicken brest soaked in cherry kool-aid works great for channel cats
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    Well on this darn WWW.COM thing we have now there is recipes for making your own Anise extract. Extract is not as strong as the oil, oh and recipes for making the oil also. Sems if i recoleck right , you toasted the seeds some in a skillet then put them in some vodka (if you have any left after bad fishishing trip or good trip also) then soaked them in some vodka in a jar for about 2 weeks and then you have Anise extract. Also can do with fennel seeds the same way. May try adding some cherry juice to the anise and vodka or just use cherry flavored vodka. (yuck). Works with checken breasts that I have tenderized with my Jaccard before cutting up and soaking with mixture. The jaccard allows for deepper penetration quicker into meat, what ever solid meat you use. Jaccard= one of those tenderizers with all the little blades that go up and down into the meat. Got mine on Ebay years back, wally world has them, Gander Mountain etc. Now I am fishing still water with this though, Lake, Pond Etc.
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    i find garlic works fine but i seem to have better results with the shrimp just using it plain. on liver i tend to have better results when using garlic.
  14. David12171951

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    Thinking about doing some chicken breasts cubes with garlic and some with Anise , for a pind that i fish some that has both channels and blues in it. Surem open for hints on how to get these blues to bite.
  15. Gotbuck

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    I have used anise only in Wheaties dough balls with great success on channels.