Ambassadeur 6600CL Question ?

Discussion in 'Fishing Reel Review' started by TOPS, Apr 26, 2006.

  1. Ok members, I have a chance to purchase two, yes two 6600Cl reels for $65.00. Is this a good price? Most of you know I have all tidewater reels, are the Abu 6600 good reels?
  2. for $65.00 i'd jump all over that!!! IMO I think all the abu's are great reels.I don't have the 6600CL but a friend of mine has one and loves it!!!I've got a couple of the 6000's and 6500's and love them!!!

  3. $65 for the pair, YES; $65 each, NO.

    These are the orange "Rocket" reels sold by Wmart.

    Average selling price on eBay is high $40's to mid $60's, plus shipping.

    I do not remember what Wmart sells them for.
  4. Give me some more info on this reel. Does the CL stand for something?
  5. The 6600CL is a good reel. They cast great and are very smooth. If the reel is marked with a CL, CS, CA, or CI, the reel will have a levelwind. If the reel is marked with CT, it will be a none levelwind. Almost all "T" reels are used in casting distance competition or surf fishing because of the added distance you get without a levelwind. The only draw back to the reel is the gear ratio, 6.3:1, but thats not really much of a problem. They can be changed if you don't like that gear ratio. You can crank a little harder with the 5.3:1 gears and they are stronger. At the Walmart here in town, the reels go for $79.95 each. If you can buy them for $65.00, I believe I would. Good luck.
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    I have the exact same reel I bought from walmart 3 years ago, I paid 79 bucks for one...I dont use it often, but it works fine when I do.
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    If they are in average to good condition, I'd jump all over them for $65 if it's for the pair. I saw one on a fishign tackle web site last night for $45. it was a factory refurbished one.
  8. Thanks for the info, I had no idea what the letters behine the numbers meant.The old boy that I bought the reels from, knew that I was big into catfishing, he has gotten himself into a money bind. I got both reels for $65.00.
  9. That is a very good buy.

    I'm sure you'll enjoy them!
  10. I have one of the orange ones, i got it from walmart for 80 bucks. The clicker sucks and has never been very loud. It comes off the track when i turn it on sometimes. Even though its my least favorite abu i have, it seems to be lucky, i caught my biggest flathead and my biggest blue with it last year. Handled them pretty well. 65 for both would be a good deal.
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    :) You came away smiling on that deal Top:) :)
  12. Seedtick and I went to the hotwater outlet yesterday 3 may 06. I made some long cast with the new 6600 reels, They cast great. Although I did not catch a fish I did make alot of cast. I think my $65.00 was well used.