amazon catfishing

Discussion in 'All Catfishing' started by bobbybobber, Apr 16, 2012.

  1. bobbybobber

    bobbybobber New Member

    anyone ever been?like to get some 1st hand experince
  2. I went last night but then I woke up Haha. Only in my wildest dreams. That one is on my bucket list for sure.

  3. Nope but it might give ya some clue watch river monsters with jeremy wade and he fishes it a lot for river monsters like catfish haha
  4. bobbybobber

    bobbybobber New Member

    i been watching river monsters and checking out videos on youtube of guys catching 200lb cats out of the next 10 years i will be down there one way or another
  5. Sweet how much is it i would love to go and catch some monster cats
  6. bobbybobber

    bobbybobber New Member

    a trip to the amazon guided is around 5000 for 5-6 different types of catfish,its not a sleep in a motel kind of trip either,8 days in a tent in the jungle
  7. Tyrant

    Tyrant New Member

    Lets go.
  8. Well worth it man i sounds like a blast