Altamaha river tournament???

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  1. Anyone fishing it?From what I've heard its gonna be rough going down there...The river has got to be rollin'...If anyones gonna brave it out,Good luck and Be CAREFUL...keep us posted on the results and happenings...
  2. Thank you.

    Fished it last night. Wind gusts were up to 40 mph, heavy rain, lightning and the river was high. Tough fishing. Only got two bites. At 7am, I was done. Went home. Tournament still has 1 1/2 hours left. Not many fish caught from what I have been told. 17 pounder leading when I left. Heard someone caught 4 but no weights. Heard of another one around 17 pounds. Also heard of a large one. Ends at 2pm so I will hear more then.

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    Bob you crazy sumbitch...

    Did not even want to brave the misery...

    Do not think it could have been a worse weekend.

    They need a June run on this..

    Of course, now its getting nice..
  4. Like Paul said,You crazy Sum like we got some Florida river Thugz in the house...I'll do Cold,Rain,Snow,Heat,Low water ect...But I will not do 40 mph wind!!!...Be careful with that Thugin',Bob.
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    My nephew and I fished in the tournament. It was bad. We had a lot of rain, bad wind, and waves in the river was almost like being on the ocean. We had two bites, The lightining started getting bad so we came out at 1230am and went home. I rode up to the jaycee landing for the weigh in. One guy caught a 42 pound catfish that won the tournament. I agree that it was a bad weeekend to fish.
  6. I was wondering how you did. Coming off the river at 1230am was a good idea that I didn't have. Got real bad after 300am. Bad weather but got to see some of my catfish buddies so that was the good part.
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    42.6 lb flathead won the big fish money. That's a nice fish but there are much bigger catfish swimming in the Altamaha River. I agree with Paul on having the contest latter would allow the water temperature to warm to at least 70+ degrees and would have helped the the number of fish caught... We only had 23 boats weigh in fish. There were around 177 people fishing in 87 boats. Very bad weather, rained all day, high wind and cold. Sunday morning (early AM) cold, high wind, rain w/ lighting. I will post the winners and payouts a.s.a. I get them...

    bugg-:sick: way too old to fish in a cold, windy thunderstorm...!
  8. Are they still running the Tourny like a Meat Hanger?D-I-S-R-E-S-P-E-C-T-F-U-L
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    Here is some information I have learned about the Wayne County Board of Tourism Catfish Tournament. The Tourism Board uses Hotel and Motel Tax money to fund the event. It is also a nonprofit event meaning all moneys that are charged to participate are use to pay for the event including all prize money. (approximately $20,000.) Because it's nonprofit and uses special tax funds the Ga DNR is a partner in the event and provides an important service to the Board, including safety, rescue, rules and regulation enforcement, river patrol, etc.

    As you know the Altamaha River is where the event is held. The Flathead catfish is a non-nativespecies illegally put in the river many years ago by fishermen and multiplied rapidly until it threaten to destroy the rivers natural ecosystem. The State introduced an electrical shocking program in an effort to eradicate the Flathead from the Altamaha River system. The program lasted for years and many thousands of pounds of Flathead were killed and removed from the river. They finely stopped the program when they realized the Altamaha River system was to large to have any impact by shocking the fish. Studies now indicate that the river has slowly adjusted to the Flathead population and is now naturally controlling the fish.

    However it is the law of our State that no non-native aquatic species can be introduced to any body of public water with in the state i.e. the Altamaha river. Which means they can't legally return the Flathead to the river. DNR is charge with enforcing the law.

    For the past several years they obtained a permit from the state to tag and return 5 Flatheads. This year they applied for a permit to release 20 fish which was approved. 20 large Flatheads were tagged and released in the Altamaha River in Wayne County. Next year they are asking for a permit to release 200 Flatheads back in the river for a biological study. Hopefully it will be approved.

    One last point. All fishermen are allowed to carry their catch home to clean and eat and many do. The event officials clip the top fin off to insure those fish can't be given to another fisherman to be reweighed. All fish not wanted are cleaned and carried to a free food center located in Wayne County to feed the poor and needy.

    I am a newly appointed member of the Wayne County Tourism Board and my personal believe and practices is CPR. The Wayne County Board of Tourism knows and understands that to return all live fish would improve the overall health of the Catfish tournament , however they must act within Ga State laws and regulations.

    This information is provided by me personally and has not been approved or sanctioned by the Tourism Board.. If I have made any errors or misstatements in the above information I personally will accept full responsibility for them. (BH)
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    Nobody is going to travel to wayne county for Trophy Bluegill Fishing.

    The money is in the Flatheads.
  11. I hear what you're saying Bugg,but clipping the top fin?Thats the ultimate disrespect.IMO...I know the DNR's stance on Flatheads,that don't make it right...I've been told by the game warden that I couldn't release my fish,I told them to hang around til I catch one and We'll see.It'll be a cold day in hell that anyone makes me kill something I don't want to kill...If I was in the tourney they would've watched me put my fish back in the river,with the fin intact...As far as being invasive and posing a threat to the eco-system(Bream),The real threat is coming from the fishermen that during the spawn are keeping 3/4/5 limits per person per day through out the whole spawn...This tourney is just a slap in the face of the educated fishermen who wants to improve the sport...I'm with Paul,you can draw more people with a 70lb Flathead than a 1 lb. Bream.
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    I absolutely agree...
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    That's crazy that a game warden told you you couldn't release your can do whatever you please as long as you caught it legally. It's unlawful for him to tell you that
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    They only clip the ones that are keeled to be ate. And as far as overfishing the flathead that's a joke there are more flatheads than ever. With you I don't agree with wasting a fish but if there shouldn't be anything said. There is one thing that I have notice since there population has increased is that the channel cat numbers are way down.
  15. Out of 87 boats, only 23 boats weighed in fish.

    Here are some of the results.

    1st was 42.52 pounds $11,000 (Won Big Fish also)
    2nd was 29.74 pounds $2500.00
    3rd was 28.96 pounds $1500.00
    4th was 23.18 pounds $1000.00
    5th was 22.20 pounds $900.00
    6th was 21.78 pounds $800.00
    7th was 21.46 pounds $700.00
    8th was 18.32 pounds $600.00
    9th was 17.64 pounds $500.00
    10th was 17.02 pounds $400.00

    Chris(sharkn1979) finished in the money again this year. Congrats.

    I know there was a 23 pound bluecat cat caught and some flatheads in the mid-high teens. Tough fishing with the conditions.
  16. It's really not a question of keeping some or not.Nothing wrong with keeping some(I don't,but thats me),but practice selective harvest,not kill everything.Let the big fish go,let them grow,you want a hundred,you gotta release a 50...The biggest gripe with this tourney is,SHOW SOME RESPECT TO THE (INVASIVE)FISH YOU ARE PROFITING FROM.hANGING THEM ON 2X4'S,CUTTING THEIR FINS,TOTEIN' THEM BY THE GILLS ECT...IS UNCALLED FOR.
  17. I had one one time tell me I couldn't use Bream for bait in (his pond)(Westpoint)I just laughed...But yeah,they can tell you its illegal to release a Flathead,Florida does it,Georgia does it and I'm sure others do too.That don't make it right though.
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    Taking big fish in the Altamaha doesn't give you les of a chance in catch big fish the river is to large and there is not that much pressure on them to make a difference in there any species that is overpopulated the quality and size suffers because they have less food source per fish
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    Thank cuda
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    I believe in CPR and not wasting any resource that god provides for us. I have released 50 pound fish and have ate them.