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    does anyone have any fishing info on the all american canal any info will be greatly appreciated
  2. Welcome to the BOC Corey.... I haven't fished the canal.... mostly some side canals, but I hear that it can be good... check this site for some info..

    Bayrunner Ray

  3. Okay, Corry, Fishing the river from the shore is a bit challenging but the truth is that just about any place where you can access the water Will produce If you stick with it long enough. Don't forget to add an AZ. river stamp to your Ca. License.
    In the Yuma area the better fishing is up river from Imperial Dam, which usually means a boat. there is good fishing for bass and channels between Imperial and Laguna dams.
    And good flathead fishing can be found just down river from the Cocopah Rv Park.
    Up river on the Ca. side is Picacho Park where you can get good access to the river directly and fish for the big flats. Long drive on an unimproved road though.
    Small mouth bass and small stripers are abundant in that area and are willing biters.
    Along the AAC you can fish anywhere from Imperial dam down to Laguna dam, but down stream to around I-8 you need a reservation permit.
    Most people I talk to say the best fishing is just upstream from the lift stations.
    For bass any place where there is tulle's are growing along the sides to provide cover. Also give dropshotting night crawlers a try in the deeper water of the canal where you can see weed beds.
    Hope this gets you started.
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    im very thankful for the info and plan on preparing for my trip thanks
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    Which part of the All American you thinking of fishing? I fish it and the East Highline, Central Main as well as the West Side Main and most other smaller canals in the Imperial Valley. One of My best spots for the All American is right after the "Y" at the setttling ponds at Imperial Dam. My son and I have caught quite a few channel cats (5-20lb ranger there on Docs Blood bait and some really nice sized flatheads on Bluegills we catch in the west pond just down bank from setteling ponds. If you need info PM me I am very familliar in the whole Imperial Valley area as it is my back yard for over 50 years now.
    By the way I am currently looking for someone to fish here locally with. Scares hell outta me fishing at night alone any more with all the extra illegal traffic on canal banks. With price of fuel and pickem up truck only pulling bout 10mpg have to fish locally any more, n my little Honda Insight dont like canal banks to well. Besides since son went and got hitched again and decided wife, kids and work were more important than going fishing on a whim, lost my partner.
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    somehow i missed this thread earlier . . .

    what is a reservation permit? i was under the impression that all one needed to fish the AAC was a valid CA fishing license.
  7. If you fish any of the canals where they cross the Quechan Indian Reservation or the river from the bank on the reservation you have to have a tribal permit. That goes for hunting on reservation land also.
  8. YUP YUP
  9. Is the All American Canal closer to Los Angeles than the Colorado river?
    Hi Earl, I might just take you up on your offer to fish the canal for one night.

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    nope, they are talking about the AA canal that starts at imperial dam by yuma, az and runs to san diego. little more than a overnite trip for you Jaime.