A rig for Sonnys cat fish bait

Discussion in 'Catfishing Baits' started by kdanderson5, Jun 10, 2009.

  1. kdanderson5

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    I am curious to see if anyone on here has come up with a good way to keep sonnys catfish bait on their plastic worm/bait.

    I am trying to find something that that will actually hold the bait inside the lure. I know the way I am explaining this don't make much sense, so let me start over:eek:oooh:

    We started out using the plastic ribbed worms. Yeah, they work great, but in the current the bait washes off so fast that it seems like you are constantly re-baiting. Does anyone know of something that actually holds the bait inside of a product that goes over the hook? We have tried to make stuff out of panty hose, and that holds the bait on great, but every time you catch a fish it takes 15 minutes to rig up a new one.

    Anyone got some advice?


    By the way, we are fishing the Des Moines River in Central Iowa, so it is not a big river but the current can be strong in spots.
    Thanks again!
  2. bigmuddy cruiser

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    kenton look 4 the tube worms . they usually come with a sponge attached on the bottom but we remove the sponge. they got holes in them and u can work sonnys in . just goob it up good and set it in the water 4 2 or 3 minutes b4 u cast it out. these tubes hold it better than the rubber worms. b sure 2 let them soak 4 a little bit .it kinda sets up a little. we use them in the missippi and they do real good.:big_smile:

  3. kdanderson5

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    I have tried to find those tube worms without luck here locally (even the Sportsman warehouse don't have them) so I will start looking online!

    Setting them in the water is an great idea that we have never though of!

    Thank you very much for the info! I will give it a try this weekend if I can get the tube bait by then! :smile2:
  4. Cattn-Jeep

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    I thought the point of a dip bait was that it dissolved quicker than a dough ball. That way the fish can smell it quicker. That means you could catch more fish because you don't have to wait as long for the fish to smell the bait. The only draw back is frequent re-dipping. If you want a longer lasting scent, you'd have to add more bait...like in a little piece of stockings hooked to your hook or clipped to your swivel. Even then it might dissolve just as fast, you'd just have a *stronger* scent. Who knows...maybe I'll try it out.
  5. brinley45cal

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    i find the looper rigs and the team catfish little furry things hold bait alot longer then the worms especially in a stronger current you might want to give one of those a try.
  6. ShilohRed

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  7. These work great and you can order them from team catfish
  8. mf7406

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    go to walmart & get a noodle like kids float on in the pool. cut thin slices out of it. hook the edge on 1 point of the hook, then bend it under & hook it on the other 2 points. it makes a little pocket to hold the bait longer. a friend of mine told me this & it works pretty good.
  9. Eddie Mullins

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    I saw another thread on here where some one was making the tubes using the rubber pencil grips you can buy most anywhere, they are round tubes kids slide onto their pencils. Just use a hole puch and put a several holes in it.
  10. Mickey

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    Looper rigs is the way to go.
  11. loop

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    Red those look like half a LOOPER RIG.
    I tried doing that along time ago and the cost was to much.
    I settled for doing the looper rig the way it is now at $1.75 and shipping included besides the Looper Rig the way it is now holds more bait and a heck of alot longer than the ones I made that look like the ones you have. Not knocking your bait holders just stating what I know.
  12. ccat

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    I put a post on here (2nd page now) about homemade dip tubes I make. I use pencil grips and punch holes with a hole punch. It works great. As long as the fish doesn't rip the tube off, I have used some of them for weeks.
    I use them on Secret 7, so I don't know why they wouldn't work for any other dip bait like Sonny's.
    good luck
  13. Mickey

    Mickey New Member

    This is the best answer for any dip bait. Try it and you will agree.
  14. Jdeano75

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    When I was living in NC I would take small slices of a rubber sponge and rig them on a single hook. THe take the Sonny's and heat it up in a pan over a sterno burner. It will become a stinky runny liquid. Dip your hook with the sponge on it into the mess and immediately dip it into ICE WATER and it becomes hard and solid. It WILL STAY ON. Best of all it floats really well. getting it off the bottom.
  15. Well I have been using a 1" square kitchen sponge from Dollar General on the end of a 6/0 circle hook. Normal carolina rig catfish ball weight setup. Kitchen sponge holds the bait, get the sponge good and wet, pinch it to get the excess water out, push it in Sonny's and make sure it is on there good. Then fish for 20 minutes to chum...Sonny's is super sticky like the label says. Rebait every 20 minutes and put like 3 - 4 four rods in the same concentration area. Every catfish will be at the buffet in 45 minutes. That is enough time to have a sandwich and get ready for them all to start screaming. Nailed this 21.5lber on it!
    21lber 12July2010.jpg
  16. pook62

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    do u thin it or dip it right in the jar
  17. TheBigP

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  18. Well you got my attention.And definitely going to try it.

  19. jamesgrogers

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    Rubber surgical tubing at Lowes is only about $0.80 a foot. with a hole punch or sharp scissors and a couple of feet of tubing you can make enough "dip tubes" to last a while. last week my wife and I cleaned 90 head of Channel cat in 3 trips using "dip tubes" and Sonny's
  20. Take a 45oz tub and put it in a cooler full of ice around it and work it from there...make Sonny's so thick you can actual sling it on a sponge a good 50 - 75 yards. Cotton is permanent so ice it and get the best of both worlds. Probably would work real good with that sugical tube idea previously mentioned.