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Discussion in 'Wolfman's Nascar Pit Stop' started by wolfman, Jan 16, 2017.

  1. WilliP48

    WilliP48 New Member

    So the druvers i picked last week im styck wuth untill i use up all there starts?
  2. No. Normally after the race is over, you can go to the next weekend race and clear the entire roster. Then add the drivers for that current week. I normally change mine on Monday or Tuesday afternoon. There is a deadline to select your drivers and a deadline to swap starters and those on the bench as well.

  3. If I remember correctly
  4. So I am not the only having the problem with not being able to change drivers, I did however get to swap starters
  5. Mike81

    Mike81 New Member

    You can change your whole roster until like 4 am on the day of qualifying. After that you can only swap your starters and bench until just before the race starts
  6. wolfman

    wolfman Well-Known Member

    congrats to Dustin on the win this week. Scott still holds on to the lead.

    Spin-U-Out Racing 611
    Wolfman Racing 564
    Dixieland Racing 543
    Primal Rage 527
    Rudepossum 524
    #88 Rulez! 514
    ChipsAhoy 498
    Woods N Water 487
    Mike81 Racing 484
    Samco Racing 477
    Fatchanceflathead 463
    Rebel Racing 437
    Riverbud Racing 428
    Road Rage Racing 416
    Willip48 Racing 366
  7. wolfman

    wolfman Well-Known Member

    Its still early and plenty of racing to go. Scott takes a hit and drops out of the lead to 4th, Mike makes a big jump up to 2nd, John is quietly on the move to the top also. And I have no idea who vindiesel is, but they joined up this week.

    Wolfman Racing 869
    Mike81 Racing 822
    #88 Rulez! 819
    Spin-U-Out Racing 813
    Primal Rage 801
    Woods N Water 764
    Rudepossum 764
    Dixieland Racing 759
    ChipsAhoy 754
    Riverbud Racing 741
    Rebel Racing 670
    Willip48 Racing 653
    Samco Racing 649
    Road Rage Racing 629
    Fatchanceflathead 625
    Vindiesel 280
  8. Damn I took a hit this week
  9. My roster at Vegas took a worse beating than Kyle Busch in pit row after the race! :laugh:
  10. wolfman

    wolfman Well-Known Member

    Congrats to WilliP on the win this week.

    Wolfman Racing 1191
    Mike81 Racing 1157
    Primal Rage 1113
    #88 Rulez! 1095
    Woods N Water 1071
    Rudepossum 1051
    Dixieland Racing 1049
    Spin-U-Out Racing 1041
    ChipsAhoy 1039
    Riverbud Racing 1032
    Willip48 Racing 1017
    Samco Racing 983
    Rebel Racing 919
    Fatchanceflathead 877
    Road Rage Racing 832
    Vindiesel 572
  11. WilliP48

    WilliP48 New Member

    Tryin to get the hang of this thing
  12. southernhoops

    southernhoops New Member

    Looks like you did ok this week lol.Think I will just follow you to the top
  13. wolfman

    wolfman Well-Known Member

    Took a big hit today dropped from 1st to 3rd. Didnt take Mike long to take over the lead. Starting to see all the strategy picks playing out.

    Mike81 Racing 1496
    Primal Rage 1492
    Wolfman Racing 1432
    Woods N Water 1427
    #88 Rulez! 1421
    Riverbud Racing 1388
    Rudepossum 1369
    Spin-U-Out Racing 1345
    ChipsAhoy 1339
    Dixieland Racing 1325
    Samco Racing 1312
    Willip48 Racing 1299
    Rebel Racing 1216
    Fatchanceflathead 1107
    Road Rage Racing 1098
    Vindiesel 856
  14. Dang, I had a pretty good week scoring 304 points and ended up dropping a spot in the standings! :eek1: Tough crowd here! :bruised:
  15. I need a Mississippi Squirrel in my fantasy scoring this week
  16. wolfman

    wolfman Well-Known Member

    John got the win this week...congrats

    Primal Rage 1804
    #88 Rulez! 1761
    Mike81 Racing 1718
    Wolfman Racing 1682
    Dixieland Racing 1659
    Woods N Water 1631
    ChipsAhoy 1627
    Riverbud Racing 1610
    Spin-U-Out Racing 1605
    Rudepossum 1587
    Willip48 Racing 1549
    Rebel Racing 1514
    Samco Racing 1492
    Fatchanceflathead 1357
    Road Rage Racing 1326
    Vindiesel 1126
  17. wolfman

    wolfman Well-Known Member

    Congrats to John on the win this week and also takes over the lead. No one seems to want to hold on to that top spot very long. :eek1:

    #88 Rulez! 2080
    Primal Rage 2068
    Mike81 Racing 2006
    Wolfman Racing 1987
    Woods N Water 1938
    Riverbud Racing 1918
    ChipsAhoy 1916
    Spin-U-Out Racing 1876
    Dixieland Racing 1873
    Willip48 Racing 1863
    Rudepossum 1852
    Rebel Racing 1825
    Samco Racing 1787
    Fatchanceflathead 1644
    Road Rage Racing 1504
    Vindiesel 1427
  18. wolfman

    wolfman Well-Known Member

    #88 Rulez! 2370
    Primal Rage 2326
    Mike81 Racing 2252
    Riverbud Racing 2190
    Woods N Water 2180
    Wolfman Racing 2167
    Rebel Racing 2153
    Dixieland Racing 2141
    ChipsAhoy 2138
    Willip48 Racing 2135
    Rudepossum 2100
    Spin-U-Out Racing 2068
    Samco Racing 1981
    Fatchanceflathead 1916
    Road Rage Racing 1768
    Vindiesel 1759
  19. Took...a...BEATING this week. Yikes.
  20. wolfman

    wolfman Well-Known Member

    Primal Rage 2636
    #88 Rulez! 2624
    Mike81 Racing 2518
    Woods N Water 2473
    Riverbud Racing 2468
    Dixieland Racing 2440
    Wolfman Racing 2424
    ChipsAhoy 2414
    Willip48 Racing 2396
    Rudepossum 2347
    Rebel Racing 2338
    Spin-U-Out Racing 2275
    Samco Racing 2254
    Fatchanceflathead 2157
    Road Rage Racing 2022
    Vindiesel 2004