2016 Magic Bait Company Promotion #11

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  1. Mutt

    Mutt Administrator Staff Member

    2016 Magic Bait Company Contest #11

    Magic Bait Company produces a wide variety of commercial fishing baits sold through a massive distribution network. Magic Bait products are carried by companies such as Cabela's, Bass Pro, K-Mart, Wal-Mart, Dick's Sporting Goods, Gander Mountain and close to 5000 other stores.

    To enter this contest you must be a:​ A member with an avatar in good standing in the USCA.
    ​One entry per member per day
    When entering please state the date Thank you.
    You must have 10 posts or more and a avatar to enter.

    List of Products that each winner will win:
    (subject to availability)

    1 Jar Stick-It
    3 Pkgs. Magic Bait Asst. Flavors
    1 Jar Hogwild Dip Bait
    1 Jar Premo Dip Bait
    1 Pkg. Vanilla Carp Bait
    1 Pkg Fish Chum
    1 Pkg Big'n Bait Holder
    1 Pkg Dipper
    1 Pkg BB#4 Tremble Hook
    1 pkg Single Spring Hook

    This contest ends TBD

    FINE PRINT: Winner will be notified via Private Mail at the promotions closing. Winner will have 72 Hours to provide his shipping address. If after 72 hours, we do not hear from the Winner, the prize will be forfeited and returned to USCA inventory. Responses made after the 72 hour window will be ignored.

    FTC COMPLIANCE NOTE: Obviously there is a commercial connection between the USCA and Magic Bait Company. The goal is to spark interest in Magic Bait Company, and hopefully generate future sales for the company by exposing the product's to catfishermen that did not know the option existed.

    Special Thanks: To Magic Bait Company for their continued support and sponsorship to the USCA.

  2. Mutt

    Mutt Administrator Staff Member

    1.oh no
    2.oh no
    4.oh no
    6.oh no
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  3. Mutt

    Mutt Administrator Staff Member

    Due to lack of interest the Magic Bait contest is temporally suspended.

    If there is interest pm me let me know. Just cant have a give away with 2 members entering.
  4. boswifedeb

    boswifedeb Well-Known Member

    Not many folks
  5. oh no

    oh no New Member

    Well we would have a 50/50 chance of winning.
  6. I'm with oh no on this one. better chances that one of us will win.
  7. I haven't been posting because I had already won
  8. yotebuster21

    yotebuster21 New Member

    I haven't been posting because I've already won twice. I'm still interested in more though. I use the crap out of this stuff on farm ponds!
  9. Wow, you guys are lucky. I haven't ever won!
  10. Can we start this back up to see if there is any more interest?
  11. Yeah I stopped entering cause I already won...figured I'd give other folks a chance to win.

    I could stand to win again...lol...wouldn't hurt my feelings!


  12. err...

  13. I'll play...I've used up most of my goodies from the last time so...let's get this train a rollin'!
  14. 12/29
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