1/4" Aluminum Sheets

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  1. Looking for a good deal on some 1/4" sheets of aluminum 4' x 8 or 10' .

    Anyone have a clue on a store like Lowe's or ? who sells this ?

    I need 4 sheets to redo the floor , deck and inner walls of my boat . Has 3/4" marine board in it now and is super heavy .

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  2. Try a search for metal dealers in your area, or yellow pages. Check with welding and fabrication shops for their suppliers.

  3. it looks like a 4x8 sheet of .25 weighs about 113#. 3/4" ply is about 75#. Also, I can't imagine what the aluminum would cost, but even at $2 a pound it would be quite expensive. Cheap small boat hulls are really thin like .068 and the nicer ones .100 and .125.
  4. Wow you would think a 4x8 sheet of aluminum would out weigh 3/4 marine board .

    I actually only need 1/4 inch for the flooring and maybe 1/8 or possibly 1/16 for the rest which would just be cosmetic anyway to hide wires and such .

    I can get diamond plate (aluminum) in 4x8 sheets for $99 in St.Louis and thats the best deal I have found so far .
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  6. For the record, there is no need for 3/4" plywood in a boat for a floor.
    It's not a house nor does it have the same live load or dead load a house would require.

    I use 1/4 and 1/2 for all my flooring needs. A little bit of epoxy and glass goes a helluva long ways. I build canoes and kayaks out of 3/16" that are capable of handling a 1/4 ton load.
    Weight will depend on what species of plywood you use. I mean you can spring for Okoume 1088 marine plywood which is 40 pounds a sheet for 1/2" or A Meranti 1088 at 50 pounds a sheet.
    I don't have the weight of an onshore fir marine plywood but it's going to weigh more then those. Somewhere in the 70's would be my guess based on having worked with it.

    And then you have other options that aren't in the metal or wood realm. True, the sticker price seems high but in the end when it's all said and done the price difference between all of them is going to be in the same ball park installed as they should be.
  7. I think if you can get 4x8 sheets of diamond plate you better buy a truckload of it @100.00 /sheet. The last time I checked that stuff ran about 65.00 for a 2'x3' hunk .065
  8. Keep in mind if ya gonna weld it, that won't be cheap either.
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    I am still trying to figure out why you think you need 1/4" for the floor. My floor in my jonboat is made of old street signs. It flexes a little between the ribs, but in several years has yet to break (and i weigh 250 on a good day). I would think 1/8" would be more than enough.
  10. If I were set on having aluminum flooring....I would check with these guys about the perforated sheets if you are wanting to save weight.....


    I have seen boats with it, but have not used it personally...FYI
  11. I am 6' 5" and 345 pounds :eek1:

    Was thinking 1/4 but may hold off for a better idea .
  12. I was going to get some plywood and treat it myself for the little projects on my boat.
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    I've had someone that weighs more than you in my boat and the floor still doesn't have any permanent creases or bends in it from him.
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    I'm in the business of working with metal and personally I wonder if 1/4 might be over kill, and hot in the sun if left uncovered. I have wondered about sheets of ABS plastic for this purpose But I think that stuffs pricey also and I really don't know much about it.
  15. 4x8 sheets of diamond plate for $99?? Where this place at? Its almost $400 a sheet here!
  16. My uncle weighs a little over 320, and we fish out of my boat that has aluminum road closed signs in it for the floor. I bought them at my local scrap yard.
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    !/8" should be plenty, that's .125" and to add support between the ribs just throw down some 1 1/2" foam.

    My main fishing buddy tops out over 350 and he was surprised how rigid the floor and the decks are in my boat. I have 2" ribs (old MonArk) so I have 2" foam. If you rivet it down with large head rivets it'll stiffen the entire boat up. Mine rides a lot better in rough water (or barge wakes) and is a lot quieter .... Instead of Bang Bang Bang it's more of a subdued Thud Thud Thud

    I'll never go back to wood in an aluminum boat although it's fine if you are on a tight budget. Aluminum is a lot more expensive and takes a bit more skill to work than wood ... But it never rots so I figure I get it all back in longevity and lower maintenance.
  18. Skipping the 1/4" and going thinner , but for sure want to get away from the plywood . After checking the place that my bro in law told me 1/4" was 99.00 a sheet , I found he was a bit off on price but still under 400.00 a sheet . Here is the place .

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    Yeah 1/8" is plenty , I took out the middle bench of my 16' jon and put a pc 7' 8''x 4' and it is fine . just rivited down no foam did put a pt 2x4 under where the bench was cuz the ribs were spaced farther there . were the floor meets the side i put a pc of that mesh ridge vent for architectural shingles , it lets water thru but not your tackle . As far as price goes I lucked out a friend of a friend works at a scrap yard and he hooked me up with a brand new 4x8 sheet for employee scrap rate it was like $40 . Its amazing how much waste their is in this country but he said people scrap brand new stuff all the time , so I would start looking at scrap yards and the road signs work very well also me and my friends have gone that route too .