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Willy and Waylon

Added by daystarchis
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Yuri, after the Eukanuba Tournament of champions  Willy and Waylon  Poncho's Son

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  1. #1 LarryE
  2. #2 willplumb4fish
    cute dogs, makes me want to bring my lab and daschand with me to kentucky
  3. #3 PrittyKitty
    Re: Willy and Waylon
    cute puppies!!!
  4. #4 daystarchis
    Re: Willy and Waylon
    Quote Originally Posted by PrittyKitty
    cute puppies!!!
    Thank You for the nice words.
  5. #5 puppypal
    Re: Willy and Waylon
    OMG! What beautiful pups! My weakness for sure. DH hates it when a stray furbaby comes around because he knows it is another mouth to feed! LOL