Tina's Gar Lures

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    Here is a picture of a couple of rope lures and one of my son and a gar. One lure uses a spinner and the other is without. I used a small plastic cable tie in the middle. Initially I used the strands from the entire 3/8" rope piece that was 6 to 7" long. The bad thing with making one like that is too much of the material gets wrapped in the snout. I cut down to making two lures out of that length. (Oh yeah, it's better and quicker not to use braided nylon). You can use a wire brush on the strands to make them more fuzzy, but I don't know if you really gain anything from doing so. I also attach a small weight to assist casting of the lure and use a steel 18 or 24" leader. When the lure comes out of the water, during the casting process, all the water drips and then is thrown off the lure and it becomes very light so you just need to adjust your weight to suit you. My husband was thinking it might be easier to take the heads from all the Christmas Barbies I have, use a wire brush on their hair to make it finer, hook it to a steel leader and bait the gar with that! Don't think so!! Oh Yeah-- No --- There are NO hooks necessary to get a gar using this lure.

    The other picture is of my son holding a gar he caught using one of the rope lures. He caught several with the lures. One gar was able to jump and ended up raking it's teeth right in the inside of his elbow, leaving numerous bleeding marks where it got him.

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