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    High E. coli levels found in lake -

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    It seems like alot of Nebraska lakes are getting either the E. Coli or toxic algae bloom. A few weeks back, Johnson Lake had warnings for the toxic algae. The swimming area was shut down for a few days.

    Toxic Algae is what killed my in-laws German Shorthair. WE were at the lakehouse and the lake was low and had standing pools of water. We took the dog for a run and apparently she had drank some of the water and laid in the pool of water to cool off.

    That night "Molly", was very ill and motionless. In-laws took her to the vet the next day. Blood samples were taken and came back positive for poisoning. Molly died within 3 days. It attacked her organs, especially the liver. Her urine was like coffee colored. It made me ill just seeing her suffer like that. Vet tried flushes to clean the system, but it was to late. The poison had did to much damage. After an autopsy, it was determined that the poison was from toxic algae.

    Just some info, if you are aware about toxic algae on the lake your at, please keep your pets away from the water.

    Molly, was one of the 1st. documented instances of toxic alage poisoning in the state of Nebraska!!

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    Too many people poopin in the lake.

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    sorry to hear about Molly, Mark. I know the dogs that I have had in the past were very special to me like one of the famly. Im sure Molly was a part of yours

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    I got the link for this blog in an email. It's about NGP tagging flatheads at Branched Oak.

    Flathead Tagging Barbs and Backlashes

    Interesting that white perch were puked up by the flatheads.

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    cool write up thanks for sharing the info !!! I think maybe the reason they puked up the white perch is cuz they realized they were worthless to !! Good bait tho.

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