Half housecat, half bobcat?

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    Jerrod Lingle
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    Default Half housecat, half bobcat?

    What do you guys make of this cat? I didn't trap it, it was laying dead next to the road about 100 yards from my dad's house. We've seen bobcats around here in the past (we live out in the middle of nothing, with almost no cover nearby) and we've also seen bobtailed domestic cats forever. This is the first time I've actually laid eyes on a cat that looked like it was half & half. This is one darn big domestic cat, if that's what it is. This thing is probably 20 lbs, or darn close. Anyway, what do yall think?

    This thing has a bobcat tail, a bobcat belly, a domestic cats head, and a domestic cat's side markings..... but has spots along its belly and legs. Weird.

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    Garry McLaughlin
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    Man .... that sure is a strange looking critter ... I don't see why the 2 speicies wouldn't cross under the right circumstances ... you might talk to you game and fish people they might like to have it so they can run genetics on it or something..... Garry-

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    Jack Holsky
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    My old aunt that lived in Monroe County down by Woodsfield Ohio had mix's all the time. Of coarse you could only have the female domestic cat around to see the kittens. As far as twenty pounds goes I have had two domestic cats that went that much and more and they weren't fat either. The spots on the underside are true to mackerel tabbies. They are refereed to as vest buttons. I think you just have a big male domestic cat that lost his tail, or maybe a cross. :cool2:

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    Default Were the ear tips tufted?

    Jerrod, reports do exist of intermating, but it is questioned and questionable.

    Was that cats ears tips tufted? Typically with an inter cross you should see a tufted ear tip, like a bobcats.

    There is a cat, large, with longer than normal hair called a Maine coon cat with similar markings, but the hair is longer than pictured in your roadkill.

    My guess is you have a large DSH (Domestic Shorthair) that couldn't do the Ali shuffle fast enough.


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    Thats sure what it looks like to me!

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    Quote Originally Posted by postbeetle View Post

    My guess is you have a large DSH (Domestic Shorthair) that couldn't do the Ali shuffle fast enough.

    :smile2: Yep, a fat cat who waddled. :sad2:

    Here are a few links concerning intermating and hybridization, if y'all are interested. As PB said, there have always been reports of bobcat/housecat crosses.....but it's never been proven genetically.



    (See Domestic Cat & hybridization)

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    Around here all that the bobcats like to do with housecats is eat them, but maybe those OK. bobcats are either desperate or have poor vision
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    I Have something to share in regards to crossbreeding....Recently a customer of mine (I Have a trapping license), called me to trap some feral cats that were setting off his outside motion sensor on his business alarm. In no time I trapped several.

    I took them out to our hunting lease & released them, in a very short period of time i or other lease members found the remains of most of them. Most of which was evident of being clawed to death.

    I had a conversation with a biologist about that & he stated, that it is very common for Bobcats to kill house cats/ feral cats as a territorial type instinct.

    While I have no scientific proof to validate this, It did appear that something was very unhappy with their presence. If it wasn't the Bobcats..what else was it ?????????:confused2:

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    Default It was.............

    It was a Bobcat. (in my opinion) Those 'Ol boys do Not tolerate feral or tame cats in their territory. They do not even tolerate males of their own kind in their territory. That is why they are spreading so far. The young males are driven out, unless they can win the fight and must seek another territory.

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    I think it is a big house cat. I wouldnt think the two would cross.


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