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    this a follow up on last ramblers.hell with jane may she die and worms eat her.

    ok already im honk honk honking.

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    I is here,, I figured your PM out Dave,,, lol.

    Tis a beautiful day in the neighborhood,, I went to Meijers yesterday for sometotes and picked up a 5 lug 5.7 x8 trailer tire rim deal...

    They were not marked but I put one in my cart as they only had 2. When I checked out something seemed not right with the total... I looked at my reciet and they said the tire/rim combo was 32 dollars original price and it was marked down to 11.99,,

    I need to go back and get the other tire,, lol

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    Good morning from 'Denver of the East' where it is quite again, because a lot of the folks living here, mostly men folks, left yesterday fer Phoenix fer some racing out thar. The RHS and her half breed sister will be flying out of Charlotte today heading for Phoenix, not to watch the NASTY boys and girl do their thing (left turns), but for a surprise birthday party for one of their lady friends who travels the world with them annually.

    Got an interesting call on the cell phone yesterday while Skip and myself were out on 'Storming Norman'. The fellow calling informed me that he was a sports writer with the North Carolina Sportsman magazine and they wanted to do a story about winter time catfishing for blue cats and all their inquires about who to get for the story lead them right back to me. I accepted the offer and I will be taking the sports writer out this coming Tuesday to do some cattin'. Strange thing is that the upcoming trip and it's story will not be published until their February 2013 issue. Ifin I ain't around then, how about one of y'all buying a copy and letting the others know what took place.

    Got some severe weather heading our way Friday night and part of Saturday, but heres what we have in store for today : 39/66/57, wind out of the SE at 5 to 10 MPH and severe TS in the PM.

    Good to see Dave O. taking the reins of this edition of the Rambling Thread. Think I will just set my trolling motor on auto-pilot and just let it do it's thing, knowing down deep, ifin anything goes wrong, the scout will be there to help out in a time of need.

    It was a pleasure to have Skip on board the LUND yesterday, he makes good company on a fishing trip. Down to earth kind of guy, ifin U know what I mean.

    Bad eye acted up yesterday while I was out on the water with Skip and methinks I have DX what is going on with it. It is drying out due to being outside in the wind and then the pain slowly starts from this condition. The cure will be for me to put some drops (fake tears or something like that) in it prior to going out fishing. Ifin it ain't one thing, it's another. YKWIM

    Big 'D', my favorite bait shop has a lot of their crappie stuff on sale real cheap ! Let me know ifin U want me to buy U one of them five dollar paper bag specials, U hear.
    Nil desperandum
    "Mac was born to fish an forced to work." Quote from Keith Mette, July 6, 2013
    Mac's web site >>> http://gofishingwithmac.weebly.com/

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    12th eviction in 6 years. DUHHHHH!!!! Kinda like the ones that get pulled over for DUI. Its their 5th one in 3 years and their license is suspended. Its more or less why bother.

    Dogs are givein me fits. LOL! They escaped 2 times yesterday from the back yard. I really need to put my foot in the fence guys arse and create motivation. LOL! So it looks like today will be another round of erect some more obstacles. LOL!

    I'm off for the next couple of days and had nothin to do or anything planned. Guess them little shits knew that. LOL!

    I'm thinkon some nice RibEye steak sandwiches on real rolls this evenin. Noy them rolls ya get from Virginia on down. LOL!

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    Good morning , all!!
    Hopefully everyone is doing well , enjoy your respective weekends.

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    Quote Originally Posted by poisonpits View Post
    this a follow up on last ramblers.hell with jane may she die and worms eat her.
    Jane Attachment 173608
    I was young but I do remember this.

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    @ 04:37 heavy weather is down south. Cheap that be a 10/4 on the Haribo gummi worms, the kids get a big kick out catch'n gills and dumb bass on the gummi's. I don't like candy, so??

    High Ho away we go with Dave O; tell Clyde I said Hay n not to run thru the fence, tell him I sent a nice rub, bet he grunts.

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    Dirtdobber, that wouldn't have anything to do with mud on your turtle would it?? IJA

    Attachment 173611Attachment 173612Attachment 173613 Ain't Rambling fun??

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    good morning 45* on my end my side. I hear thunder rumbling and we are under a server thunder storm watch till 7am.
    Critter when you have time go to my web site and scroll down to the bottom of the page.
    Worked on transferring all my crap over to this putter last night. i think i got it all done except for loading my camera program and that's not a big deal.
    well im outa hear storm is getting closer.

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    Default we're here...


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    Quote Originally Posted by Fat_channel View Post
    Jane Attachment 173608I was young but I do remember this.
    These were quite common when I was in the USN during the Vietnam War.

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