Softening Monofilament to remove memory

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    Default Softening Monofilament to remove memory

    Has anyone ever heard of using mineral oil to soften mono to reduce the memory. I read somewhere else on the web to soak your line in mineral oil overnight before spooling. I use some heavy mono that does have a lot of memory. Would this affect the line breaking strength or any other important factors?

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    i use the heavy stuff and yes its got a lot of memory but im not sher if id want to put it in that stuff not only might it hert the line what about the smell id be afrade it would run the fish off as well im not sher id try it but if you do let me know how it works

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    Doug Chapman
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    Soak your spool of line in a bucket of water. Mono will absorb the water, making it more pliable.

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    Yeah, I would go the water route myself. Works great for a cast net. so it should also for fishin line. I havent tried it, the line I use doesnt have alot of memory.

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    Well you use fabric softener on cast nets to soften them but I'm to paranoid to try it on my line . Like mentioned, the smell and it might compromise the strength...I don't really know.

    As far as water soaking that's ok for new spooling. If your having memory problems while your fishing ( line has been wet for hours ) that's just part of using heavy line . Soaking before fishing will only help your first cast into the water. If your fishing your line is wet anyway.....the memory wont change.

    The best I can say is to spool out some line behind the boat and use heavier weights to keep out the memory coils.

    At least that's my theory...then again what do I know, LOL.

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    Jerry Trew
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    Sorry, but IMO, having to soak your line went out with linen line. The best way I've found to get rid of mono curl is to throw it in the trash and put on braided superline.

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    I agree with Jerry, (except for the braided part:wink:) There are so many kinds of line out now that don't have a memory, why mess with it.

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    Default soften line

    i use reel magic. they sell it at walmart. stuff is great for gettin coils outa ur line,even use it on my reels.comes in a can and you just spray it on ur line.

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    there is some stuff called tangle free comes in a little bottle that softens ur line i have some but had it for years dont know if it still available or not yes they still make just found it at cabelas its called tangle free line dressing
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    I agree with 'Battman' as I use the 'reel magic' product also. It does help take out some of the memory. Despite Jerry's comment, I do soak the mono in water overnight before I spool it on the reel. By the way, I have learned more from Jerry's comments on this board that any other, so thank you sir. I also make sure I spool the line on my reel so the line goes on my reel the same direction it was spooled at the factory. In Jerry's defense, I also use many types of line other than mono. Whatever fits the situation.


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