Rooster Liver vs. Hen Liver

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    Default Rooster Liver vs. Hen Liver

    Seems that some people think there is no difference between rooster liver and chicken (hen) liver. I think there is, because I have fished with both and rooster liver is darker in color, bloodier and tougher. Last spring the bait shop up the road got a thousand pounds of rooster liver from south Georgia and sold every tub of it in no time. Apparently, they like it better. I think it stays on your hook a lot better and catches more fish because it is tougher and bloodier. :0a36: What do ya'll think?

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    Default livers

    well every place i go they only have hen (chicken) liver, i would love to find and try some rooster liver. one thing that i have tried that has proved excellent is beef liver especialy in slower moving water lakes and ponds. :smile2:

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    Yes, rooster liver can be hard to find. I don't think grocery stores sell it. Probably the only place to get it would be at bait shops and not all of them carry it.

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    One thing you also left out about the rooster liver, it is quite a bit bigger than hen liver. I like it for bait nearly as much as cutbait. Actually I like it better for channel cats. There was a store in Calhoun, Georgia that kept it for years in 5 pound tubs. About 3 or 4 years ago they stopped carrying it and now the only place I know that keeps it is near Guntersville Alabama.

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    Shane Smith
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    I would have never guessed that there would be a difference, thanks for sharing

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    Ronnie Sleister
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    Thanks for the info. Bobby Scoggins on 441N in Milledgeville sells frozen rooster liver. I will have to give it a try.

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    There IS a difference between chicken and rooster livers...a HUGE difference in fact!

    We always have a tub of rooster livers on the boat when we're on the river. As others have said, rooster livers stay on the hook better because they're much tougher. And not only do they stay on the hook better, but because they're tougher they don't get 'picked off' in pieces like chicken liver does. With chicken livers, catfish (and eels, and crabs, etc.) can steal bits of the liver without you even noticing your rod tip move. A catfish either takes the whole rooster liver or doesn't, and when they do there's no doubt you have a fish on!

    I guess we're lucky since rooster livers are produced in the next town over from here and are readily available:

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    These are frozen solid or I would have opened the tub and shot a picture of one so y'all could see how much darker in color, and how much larger in size they are.

    - Marty -

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    Excellent reply Marty. Thanks for the photos. :wink:

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    Yes, a buddy of mine says they are the best livers he has ever used! But he won't tell me were he found them!!! Guess he'll share next time he's in my boat!! Or he better be able to swim:smile2:!!!

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    Aaron Massey
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    I like that picture of the flathead on the liver I've seen them available at stores around here.

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