Mississippi streams and rivers fishing near Starkville

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    Default Mississippi streams and rivers fishing near Starkville

    I live in Starkville and I was wondering if there was a good place for cats in streams and rivers near there. I know about the Tenn-Tom, but is there anything else? I have a 16 ft Tracker boat, should work in streams, but I can't find a listing of ramps or access points to go in at, except for the Tenn-Tom in this area.

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    derric belcher
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    unless you go to a lake the river is all you will have

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    Steve Adams
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    bob , i don't know about boat ramps , but the big black river is west of u ... it is a small river with good flathead fishing ...............

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    Default Thanks guys

    Well, I guess I will have to try out the Tenn- Tom. I have fished some of the lakes around. I don't think I will take my smallish boat over to the MS River, but I may go over there and use a guide like James Patterson.
    Thanks guys

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