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    Thanks for the tip. My nephew's jon boat leaks like a sieve because of a few cracks and a lot of leaking rivets (if not all of em). Gonna pass it on to him.

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    Default WELD?

    ive got a leaky boat and ive been debating wether to weld all my rivets or just use that aluminum boat repair stuff, what do you guys think?

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    Depends how old the boat is. How big is it?? How many rivits??? Whats the both worth??? Welding is expensive and based on the time needed to weld.

    If its an older boat. This stuff from Cabelas works in a few minutes and you are ready to fish.

    Just flip boat over clean the rivit with alcohol, heat with regular propane torch and touch stick to rivit. It melts and flows around it. Hardens in a few seconds. Do it at the lake as you find and test for leaks. Or fill boat with ft of water and go under and circle leaks with a waterproof marker.

    If you do it at the lake you may get some lookers wanting to fix a few rivits on their boats. Fix em right there and make some gas money.....

    By the time you flip boat over you're ready to fish!!!
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    Default Alum boat leaks

    I never had a alum boat but a friend said if you had seaping leaks,older boats get hair size holes on the bottom that you really can't see.Paint the boat with airplane paint.Later

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    I'd just keep an empty 44 oz plastic drink cup handy. Lol.

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    Default another quick and in expensive fix

    paint it with cool seal like you paint house trailer tops with

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    1 quick question will it work upside down or will it drip off until it cools

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    The rivet should really be tightened before putting on a patch. It may stop the leaking for the time being but will not make the rivet do what it is supposed to do which is hold the boat together. Just covering up loose rivets could still lead to cracked ribs or making the patch fail.

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    I bought some of that epoxy patch and only used 1 stick and repaired over 100 rivets. I AM GONNA BUY SOME EPOXY PAINT FROM FASCOEPOXIES.COM to paint my jon and my bass boat, just to be even better off. for a quik and inexpensive way to repair leaks in a jon boat u cant beat those sticks, I promise.

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    sounds like a good deal to me

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