Inflatable Cat Boat?!?

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    Default Inflatable Cat Boat?!?

    I purchased a couple of inflatable assault landing boats from Uncle Sam a few weeks ago. I got them aired up yesterday and it got me thinking about doing some catín in one. Guess I would have to be extra careful with the knives and hooks! I think I could easily adapt the floor with a piece of marine plywood. I could also rig up some lights as well. I donít think the military guys who used these boats were too worried about navigation lights. My fishing buddy Phil thinks we could use chem lights which is a good idea. I also like the idea of using small colored LEDís since you could turn them on and off. One set would last a season or two.

    Pics at:

    Anyone out there cat fishiní from an inflatable?


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    kc *First Name Required*
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    ive never used one but it looks pretty sweet
    id love to take that out on a small lake or pond
    if it can hold 15 men you wouldnt have to worry about weight capacity
    how much did u pay for that? if u dont mind me asking

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    Jerry Fletcher
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    I've an inflatable six man boat. It has the marine plywood floor and it does make a difference. But, the problem with inflatables is the wind. They blow like crazy. Also, they're difficult to paddle.

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    Phil Armstrong
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    i have a two man inflateable. It's not much use for fishing. Even on a small lake, the wind will take me where it wants.

    My brother also has one. The best use we have found for them is tying them together and floating down the river with some beers on hot day. It is one of the most relaxing things i've ever done. It's a pretty small river though. We have found half of our fishing spots doing this.

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    Andy Sipes
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    I wonder how one of those drift socks would work on an inflatable? I would think a little better than on a boat due to the weight to weight factor?
    As for lights, I'd try one of those tap lights for baiting up and fish removal. If they are too bright, cover part of the lens with tape, or put it in a cardboard box with no lid so it's not in your eyes, but shines up.

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    I would like to have one of those, whats the cost?

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    I have a Zodiac inflatable that I have used for floating some of the smaller rivers and streams around here. They are great for that, much more stable than a canoe. If you plan to do a 2 day float with an overnight flathead session in between, you can turn them over and you have a VERY comfortable air matress to kick back on while you are waiting...W

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    Thanks for the posts. I did not pay very much for the lot (3) of these boats but I donít want to give the exact price since I am planning to sell at least one of the boats on eBay.

    I donít think these boats would be affected too much by the wind. I think they would be no worse than a small jon anyway. The boats weigh about 200 lbs each and they have transom rated for 20 hp. I think it would be tough paddling for one or two guys but a nice little kicker would do the trick. Theses babies are heavy duty. Plenty of room since they are over 17 feet long.

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    Awesome! Let me know when you list it on ebay!

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    Default Ebay Boat

    OK, I have listed one of these inflatable boats for sale on eBay. The link is:

    In case the link does not work, the title of the ad is “Military Surplus Inflatable Assault Boat Like Zodiac.” A search of those words should turn up the ad. I am also selling a bunch of other cool military surplus items including a bull horn, GP Small Canvas Tent, a 70 HP Johnson outboard, and a kickass cooler. Just do a search on eBay under the user name tmuenster and this stuff should show up.

    If anyone from the Brotherhood of Catfishermen bids on and wins any of these items, then I will donate 5% of the selling price to the BOC board. You have to mention the following phase when you pay for the item to get the donation, "Big Cats Swim Deep." It is the code so I will know you are a true BOC brother.


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