Rediversion Canal at Santee Cooper Lake

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    Default Rediversion Canal at Santee Cooper Lake

    Hi,I was wondering how the water and fishing is at the rediversion canal was.I might have a trip there in Feb. how should the fishing be there then?Wife and neice wants to go shopping and ride to Charleston while I fish then.Planning to stay at Harry's if I get to go.How is the water there now?

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    Forgot to mention.I have fished above the first bridge at the rediverson canal toward the dam at the off limits sign,that is the closest you can get to the dam.I have seen some nice fish come out of that part.

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    Lee, welcome to the BOC, first of all. The lakes are so low right now that there is no water being released through the re diversion into the Santee River, and probably won't be for the foreseeable future. February is too far off to predict right now; it all depends on whether we get significant rain or not. The ramp at Russelville landing is barely usable, depending on the size your boat, and access onto the open lake from there is very 'iffy'. If you launch from Harry's (assuming you still could by then), it may be hard to get to the canal area by boat, unless you trailer to Russelvile.
    Conditions may, and hopefully will, change before February. I would suggest checking in from time to time on this forum. I hope you do get to fish, and catch some big 'uns.

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    Thank you,Is it trure close to the dam at the rediversion canal there are not any boating allowed there?
    Is there any other places to fish from the bank at ?I fished one place across from Hills from the bank and the rediversion canal.That is about the only places I have fished from the bank.I am not planning on bringing a boat this trip.

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    Lee, there are several roads that cross the rediversion canal between russelville landing and the power plant at St. Stephen. Look at most any map and you can find those crossings. I see quite a few people fishing from the bank by parking near the bridges and walking along the canal. There are signs posted perhaps 1/2 mile from the power plant that prohibit passing beyond there, but that still leaves more than 3 mile of canal to fish.
    When there is current in the canal, the fishing would certainly be better, but I see quite a few still fishing there, so they are probably catching something. I was on the canal some time back, and there was a guy from GA there; said he fishes there on a regular basis, and he has several nice bluecats that day. :big_smile:

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    Maybe Blackwaterkatz can shed some light on this one -

    Several times on the way to Wilson's Landing (on the Santee right below the Lake Marion Dam) I have seen cars or trucks parked on the left (dam) side of the road on the straightaway that leads to the landing. Are folks parking there and walking up to fish off the dam?

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    Yes, John. They are bank fishermen, but Santee Cooper has fenced off that area recently in order to keep people from driving on the grass and leaving ruts. It is permissible to fish upstream to the cable, about 250 yds above the boat landing. There is also some pretty good bank fishing below the landing, but requires considerable walking in some cases.
    I recently had a chance to catch some fish in the sanctuary on rod/reel, all in a day's work, too. :cool2:
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    I dont know how you do it Tommy. Everyday that job of yours gets harder and harder. Im glad to see you are finally getting some time off to rest.LOL

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    Is the water level normal at the rediversion canal now behind the dam at St. Stephen.There at the off limits sign is where I fished at.Just ove the dike from the gate and parking area.It was last Nov. of last year when I was there.

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    Lee, the river level is low, but is more or less at a normal 'low' level due to a small discharge through the santee dam at Wilson's. However there is no current there, and the water is really clear, last time I was there about 3 weeks back.
    There may be fish to be caught, but current makes things much better. I haven't but a very few people fishing that area in quite a while.
    Another option may be where US Hwy 52 crosses the old Santee River, north of St. Stephen about 5 miles. There is a boat landing on the north side. Haven't seen many people fishing there either, though.

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