Does anyone eat Gar fish?

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    Jason Rish

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    Default Does anyone eat Gar fish?

    I have caught Gar, but never kept any. I always release them, but my buddies will kill them and throw them back. They say it is because the Gar fish have no natural predators. THe more I think about it, that logic makes sense. What eats a gar fish and could they take over? But my original questions is, does anyone eat them? I mean, they only eat live bait as far as I know, seems like they would be good eating... Lemme know!



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    Eric East

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    I have heard they are very good to eat as long as you get a big one & don't mind working to get the armor off of them! :)


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    Default eating gar

    Got a friend that eats them . says very good as long as they are hot. cleans them with skill saw

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    they arent bad from time to time i will eat them

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    gonna give them a try this year. thought they were worthless until someone on here said they arent that bad.

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    a friend of mine i met on here got me to try one after he told me how he eats them, he just filets them and cuts into peices and boils them with crab boil and lets them chill in the fridge tatses alot like lobster and since i love seafood i had to try it it just inst bad at all, now if i can just cacth them when i want to lol

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    makin me hungry dude! might have to fry some more CARP!

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    Default Gar...

    There are a couple of fish that people do the entire, kill 'em on site thing with. Gar and bowfin...I'm going to try eating gar this year also, because everyone I've spoken to says they're great once you get through them. Bowfin are the same way as long as they are fact, to let my secret out, are probably one of the best tasting fresh fish I've ever had. Their meat is naturally salty.

    My view on both of these fish is this...These two fish have been around for hundreds of thousands of years before bass and the likes, and haven't had the need to evolve in that time. They are more effective predators, hardier, and especially with gar, harder to catch than bass are. Anyone can catch bass, but few know the tricks to being successfull with gar. I give them the nod of recognition! The look wicked too...have you seen the chompers on either of these fish!!!

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    Verlon Lawrence

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    I have eaten Gar in the pass, In Louisiana,where I am from, we call the meat gar balls because when the meat are cut into sections they are in the shape of a ball. Remember the eggs of gar are very poisonous to humans, must wash your hands throughly if the eggs are touched.

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    why are the eggs poisonous? Never heard that one,of course gar was never my favorite water species to fish for,it's pain in the butt enouigh catching them by accident.

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