Best way to cook goose and duck??

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    Default Best way to cook goose and duck??

    Hey what is everybodys favorite way to cook canada goose and say mallard duck?? I have been making jerky out of the goose and it is very good . I use the dry rub from sportsman warehouse. I have made jerky out of the ducks last year but would like to try something that people know is good so I won't waste birds. Thanks all. Kurt

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    I originally made this recipe for duck Kurt, but it's good with any wild game meat. For duck I use the breast meat cut up in chunks. Give it a try I think you will like it.

    As far as geese I dont care for them and turn them into jerky also.

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    its not really a recipe, but i like to cut up the breast meat off of the ducks and put it in a big pot of gumbo.

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    I have a recipe I used on pheasant might be good on duck. Probably not on goose though.

    Cut the breast into fillets,
    Lightly brush with Olive oil
    Season with Lowry's and Garlic.
    Wrap with bacon strips and secure with half toothpicks.

    Put olive oil in a pan and get it really hot. (Just a couple table spoons)
    Place fillets in the olive oil and seer the bacon flipping several times to make sure all the bacon is seered.
    Spray a baking dish (I prefer glass) with pam and arrange fillets in the baking dish.
    Put in 350 degree preheated oven for aproximately 30 minutes, depending on the thickness of your fillets.
    While your fillets are in the oven, Cut up about a cup of raw portabella mushrooms in small chunks and diced garlic, toss into your pan that you seered the bacon in. Drain out all but about 2 table spoons of oil. You can also toss in some diced onions if you like, (opt) Do this on a high heat so your pan gets good and hot, but not hot enough to burn the grease or mushrooms. Pour in about a half cup of white wine stir this rapidly until the mushrooms/onions are cooked. This should carmalize some what. Pour in a cup of heavy whipping cream and simmer for aproximately 2 minutes, Or until you have the thickness you desire.
    When your fillets are done, place them on a bed of cooked long grain wild rice, top with your mushroom sauce, serve with asparagus spears dusted with butter on the side. Hot rolls and key lime pie for dessert.

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    we do something similar to that with geese, but put the jalapeno and cream cheese in there, and cook it on the grill, same as you would doves. for ducks the duck commander, phil robertson is the man on that. he had a duck and cornbread dressing recipe i want to try. if i can find it i will post it.
    i will try our crane recipe for the mallards this year. you take the breast in a bowl of cold salt water and squeeze it as hard as you can out of the bowl, then put it in the water. take it out, squeeze it again, and repeat. over a few times the meat will start to get lighter in color. slice it into strips, pound it with a meat tenderizer lightly, bread, and fry. crane is freakin awesome this way, might help mallard get better too. we call crane 'ribeye in the sky'.

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    Best way i know to cook goose is to put it in one of them plastic oven bags with burgandy cooking wine, powdered onion soup mix and some water......bake that thing up and its MOIST as can be!!!....and delicious to boot. Same recipe works in the crockpock without the oven bag.....I like to put ducks in the crockpot with cream of chicken soup and some water, or you can use the goose recipe.

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    I personally use the same recipe on them as I do for carp and buffalo.. bake on a 2x6 popular sawmill rough cut board, 350 degrees for 2 hours in the oven, throw away the meat and eat the board..:smile2:

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    I myself cube canadian goose breast, soak with Dales marinade about an hour and put on skewers with green peppers and onions. grill to perfection.

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    Almost forgot, soak the breast in milk overnight.

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    Default Depends

    Depends on what they have been eating, esp, ducks, and where they have come from. Can't make a silk purse (or a meal) out of a sows ear. All these recipes are wonderful if the meat is. I am like Black Thunderhead, shot 'em to make your arm sore and your pride swelled, and eat a McDonalds.

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