Home Made Bait Tank

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    Default Home Made Bait Tank

    I have a new home made bait tank I started building this past winter and finished in the spring.

    This bait tank has done a great job for me this fishing season keeping my bait alive.I have used it several times to transport live bream from the lake to my home where I have been stocking the new pond I had dug. I have had over 100 bream in it for 6 hours and never lost any. One of the main things fish need is plenty of oxygenated water and keep the water temperature cool. I decided to make a double wall bait tank to help control the water temperature. I chose to use two plastic drums one 55 gallon and one 40 gallon the 40 inside the 50. I made the inside 40 gallon drum 3/4 of an inch shorter than the outside drum to allow for a 3/4 plywood top to sit flush. I centered up the inside drum and used a piece of 1/2 OSB to keep the inside drum round when I sprayed the Styrofoam in the walls to insulate the walls. I laid the open end of the outside drum on the plywood and marked it with pencil. Then I took my jig saw and sawed 1/8 inside the circle that I made with the pencil. This allows for the wall thickness of the outside. Then I took a sander cleaned up the sawed surface to make it fit inside the drum. Next cut out a door leaving the thickness of both drum walls around the inside parameter of the door. This makes the door flush with the inside wall. Then I primed and painted both sides with two coats of enamel paint. I used stainless steel piano hinge and screws to fasten the top in place and the hinge. Next I installed a 12 volt 750 GPH pump with a stainless screen on the inlet. I made a spray bar from 1/2 pvc and capped the ends on the spray bar {T} The over all length was 12 inches. I drilled a series of 1/8 holes 1/2 apart. I mounted a 12 volt double line air pump on top of the cover and I drilled a 1/4 hole thru the cover. I ran one hose in the tank with a 3 inch air stone then I drilled and tapped a 10/32 hole for a 1/8 hose fitting in the 90 degree joint to inject air into the water as it is circulated in the tank. I also plumed the tank with two shut off valves so I can close one and open the other to empty the tank. I think this about covers it I have some pics and a video I made to day of the tank.

    Pictures by Icon1948 - Photobucket

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