Low water dam on Grand River?

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    Default Low water dam on Grand River?

    Low water dam on Grand River?
    Does anyone know where it's located and how do you get there?
    Someone told me it was around the Adair area, but wasn't sure how to get there?
    He did say to turn at one of the convenience stores, but he wasn't sure which one?
    We are going out tonight and we thought we'd give that area a try if we can find it?
    How is the bank fishing there?
    Any info would help?


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    Love the cats , Adair is on hiway 69 south of BiG Cabin on I-44. .Not sure of what the low water dam unless they talking about the Disney dam but that ain't no low water dam!!
    sorry can't be bettter help.

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    Found this in the history books ;Grand River is formed by the junction of the Neosho and Spring River[s] ten miles southeast of of Miami, OK, and flows in a southerly and southwesterly direction about 125 miles to empty into the Arkansas River five miles northeast of Muskogee, OK. The river is entirely within the boundaries of the state of Oklahoma and receives the drainage of the tributaries on the western slopes of the Ozark Mountains.

    It has a fairly constant low-water flow of considerable volume, due to its many spring-fed tributaries and, in times of flood, carries a large volume of water. The river channel has a good width and well-defined banks, changing little over the years. The valley floor is narrow, rarely exceeding two miles in width and, in many places, is scarcely a mile wide, with hills on both sides. With a fall of two feet per mile the stream is adapted to development of water storage reservoirs and hydroelectric plants

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    Default Low Water Dam

    Its between Pryor and Locust Grove. Its hard to tell you how to get there so just Google up the area on a satellite photo and you can see the dam about 2miles down river from the Lake Hudson dam.

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    The low water dam is a great place in the spring and early summer but this time of year I wouldn't waste my time fishing there. We hit the low water dam each spring for the spoonbill, white bass run along with the blues. It's so dang shallow up there right now with no rain it's not worth your time or pretty much any low water dam this time of year. There's no current flowing over the dam,it's too shallow, hot and low O2. The only thing biting will be the gars and turtles.:tounge_out:

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