1996 50 horse mercury.

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    Default 1996 50 horse mercury.

    My lower unit is out, I found a 1996 60 horse lower for sale. Anybody know if it will fit for sure. Some stuff I've read says yes, and some says no. Any help would be great. Thanks

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    I'm not sure but you should be able to call a boat shop and get the correct answer.

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    I thought about that, I just hate to call them and waste there time. This is a Craigslist deal and I'd swap it myself

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    The unit has the same casing stamp, both motors are 3 cylinders but I'm not sure about the ratio of each

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    My unit is a 1671-9760c, the one I'm looking at buying is a 1671-9760c2. Anybody know what the difference between the c and c2 is?

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