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    Debbie Russell
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    Sophie Mae says good morning!

    In memory of Jim "Oh No" Ames aka Mr. Ebay October 24, 1951 - November 22, 2016 RIP

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    Default Lukie

    As Mark can tell you, he's an injuneer, when you start into those big live wells, 60 80 gallon, you are adding 500 to 667 pounds to the boat.

    This can effect the gas millage.

    Thats why I use a stinger. LMAO not really.


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    Quote Originally Posted by Keith Mette View Post
    Vortex , there both good boats , but when you start adding dis an dat one may stand out, I think 40 gal. gas tanks are pretty much standard, G3 is Yamaha baby, LOL I like those Yammies more ever day. Like I said their all only as good as the dealer, some of those guys on here from down that way should know. You may have to start a thread to get those guys involved, I don't think they come on this thread much?
    I guess I could start a thread in the boat section. I'll think it over.

    I've narrowed it down to either a G3 Sportsman 200, or a SeaArk ProCat. Leaning heavily at the moment towards the G3.

    The G3 is pretty much toe to toe with the ProCat 200.

    Minor (stock) differences are:

    - Rear livewell (G3: 65g, PC200: 80G)
    - Forward livewell (G3: Console baitwell, PC200: 25g)
    - Not sure if the forward deck is self-draining, but the PC's are.
    - Fuel tank (G3: 29g, PC200: 28g)
    - Standard paint (G3: camo, PC200: solid colors, upgrade to camp optional)

    Difference in price is somewhere around $5k-$7k in favor of the G3, but that's going by what very little data can be found on the web. To match the PC200 to the G3 I would have to upgrade the paint/interior, and get the bid with the 200hp motor. The price I found on the G3 was fully loaded, which adding those options to the ProCat is what made the price increase.

    Then there's the ProCat 240, and probably $7k-$10k above the G3. Gets another 4ft (2ft forward of the console between the console and the forward deck, 2ft in the cockpit area (give or take) of length, as well as a stock 41g fuel tank. It can also take a 250hp, where the PC 200/G3 is 200hp.

    So head to head, I'm not sure the minor differences are worth the SeaArk premium to me. Both brands are solid, Yamaha/Suzuki are both good motors. The sportsman only has a couple years of resale data, as it appears to have been a new product for 2015. But what little data is there they seem to hold their value on par with SeaArk. Between these two, at face value I think the G3 wins the battle.

    Then there's the ProCat 240.

    Man that thing is a beast. Same features, just 4' longer and 50hp more. I don't really see that in my future though. I know some people say it's longer and that factors into backing up, parking, etc. I won't say I'd be perfect out the box backing it up, but give me 15-20 minutes in an empty parking lot and I'll learn it real quick. That part doesn't bother me.

    What does kinda bother me with that length is getting it up behind all the dikes and such. That's 4' more boat to keep an eye on, and I've put 20' in some spaces that I thought were a little tight. The positive on that is the 200/240 are the same width, so side to side tightness isn't a factor.

    The wife likes to get out and go camping, so we'll haul camping gear. That extra room between the console and forward deck would be nice for that.

    (Now you see why I'm out on an information hunt. )

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    Vortex here are a couple of thoughts on the longer boat. You may need more room to back the longer boat, but it is easier to back a longer trailer than a short one. The short trailers react quicker to steering changes and get out of control faster than a long trailer.

    They are the same width, but in the sticks the 24 ft boat will require more room to get through trees.

    Be careful loading the boat with other equipment for traveling. You can overload the axles on the trailer and cause alignment and tire wear issues. I know the seaark will have a tandem axle trailer, but they can still be overloaded with other gear.

    You can never have enough room in a boat, most of us at one time or another will wish the boat was faster, we will push the boat wide open and want more. So maybe you don't put max horsepower on the rig and go a little slower.

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    Default Mark

    Is dead on about trailer length. And overload.

    Next thing to consider, do you have kids? Or will there be kids in the boat?

    I've had to back down ramps skinner than Fu's, oh never mind. LOL

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    Definitely something to consider, Mark.

    Worst thing to back up is a generator behind a 5-ton. They're what, 5ft long? They're gone before you know it.

    As far as loading, I didn't mean for the road. I never put much in the boat when towing. Rods in the stow, tackle maybe, but other gear I put in the truck bed for travel.

    My old boat was 16', and a buddy I fish with a lot has an 18' and 20'. I thought I could get by with "having friends with boats" but I miss it too much. Definitely want 20', and that 24' would be roomy as well. Not 100% sure it's worth the premium though. Maybe it won't be as bad as I think.

    As far as motor, whatrver it can take is what I'll get. I'd rather runn a 200/250 at 1/2 throttle vice a 150/175 close to wide open. Fuel consumption isn't as big of a factor as I originally feared, but I mentioned that a couple weeks ago.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Keith Mette View Post
    Is dead on about trailer length. And overload.

    Next thing to consider, do you have kids? Or will there be kids in the boat?

    I've had to back down ramps skinner than Fu's, oh never mind. LOL

    My daughter and step daughter are grown. Little kids in the boat won't happen very often.

    I know the G3 comes with a tandem axle trailer, and I'm pretty sure the ProCats do too. The G3 is a good trailer, with brakes/aluminum/LED as standard. Not sure on the standard procat trailer.

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    Default So

    If your just going to be another big aze boat on a big aze lake, size don't matter.

    Some of the turn around area in front of some of our ramps a 24' won't werk.

    Some of the small MDC ponds the ramp is actually just gravel, road ends in water, and a 24' would drop off at the end of the gravel and be hard on the trailer getting back over the drop off. Plus you would have to back the truck off in the water to get the boat off.

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    Thankfully, I wouldn't take it to a small MDC pond. Most of those you can't run the gas motor anyway. Although I guess that depends on your definition of small.

    I consider Little Dixie a small lake, and you can run a motor but only at no wake. Ramp is concrete there though.

    You think a 20ft rig would be in the same position? I've noticed a few of the more remote ramps for the mo and miss are gravel. Gravels always made me nervous, regardless of length.

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    Mac/Capt Ahab
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    This morning I filled some peat cubs with compost and treated cow manure and seeded a dozen or so cups with Yellow Crook Neck Squash and sprayed and water my little bitty plants. Then I left my dock around 9:30 and went catting. Had my baits in the water by ten bells and in a short short I have an eater size blue, then I got into some of those stinky cats and there bellies were as tight as a tick that was ready to burst. Got away from those little muthers and got back in the blues. Here is a video of the largest blue >>> . Back at my dock a little after high noon.

    Checked my tater towers and found that the sun had killed the fungi.

    Nil desperandum
    "Mac was born to fish an forced to work." Quote from Keith Mette, July 6, 2013
    Mac's web site >>> http://gofishingwithmac.weebly.com/

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