Valve lash adjustment?

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    Default Valve lash adjustment?

    The good folks at Yamaha strongly suggest in the owners manual that the valves on my 60 HP four stroke be checked for adjustment on a regular basis. I don't have a dealer close and a call to a couple made me wonder if there was something super complicated about it based on the estimated cost they quoted. So is it any more involved than checking the lash on say a Briggs V-twin or Chevy small block? Or is it a situation that specific tools are required to access them?

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    Get yourself a proper shop manual and see what's involved. I think you'll find that checking them is easy; adjusting them is the involved part.


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    If it is not making noise leave it alone.

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    Thanks, The Yamaha is one of the few mechanical things I own that I didn't buy a shop manual for soon after dragging it home, guess I will have to check into getting one. I have changed the impeller (every spring) and thermostat but they were pretty straight forward and obvious.

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