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    Quote Originally Posted by jimmymac View Post
    Mine is similar to this, except it is longer.

    I drilled a 3rd hole in between the two pre-drilled holes the plate comes with. The third hole provides better (flush) plate to transom connection. Once I located the mounting plate, I drilled the transom. Once drilled, I coated the entire back side of the plate with marine silicone. I then added a dab of silicone to the screws themselves and screwed the whole thing down good and tight. The silicone squished out nicely all around the plate and that was that. It's been a good leak free installation for 5 years now. Highly recommend the plate.
    I agree with Jimmy completely that the tranducer plate is the way to go. It is of course better to be able to apply the plate before any holes have been drilled in the transom but it can also be placed over where a transducer had been to totally seal the existing holes in the transom and will make room for one or more transducers to be added.

    Getting a transducer in the correct location to get best results is important. And, of course that spot should be located before any drilling is done. The transom on my aluminum boats are perfectly flat so I just attach my transducer to the end of a short (21 inch) length if 1 x 4. Then use what I call a rachet clamp found and any Lowe's or Menards to clamp it to the transom. It is easy to adjust and can be changed while the boat is in the water. Keep in mind there are three things involved with getting the results you want. An area with clean water (no bubbles) coming under the transducer. A transducer set at the right height. Too low will catch debris and have a better chance of being knocked loose. Too high may not keep good contact with the water. And finally the direction the transducer is pointed. The water is level but your boat does not necessarily set level in the water. Adjust the transducer accordingly.

    Remember holes are pretty much permanent so,,,,,,,, Measure TWICE and think THREE times before drilling.

    tight lines

    Your only here for a while, do all that you can.

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    Default Bunk Adjustments

    More maintenance for this weekend. Since I installed the new(and much better) keel rollers, the bunks are slightly lower and need adjusted. This should be an easy one that I can handle in the barn with the boat on the trailer. I'll most likely use a floor jack and 2x4 to put the bunks at the correct height to carry the weight of the hull.

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    Default First boat!

    Looks like only the front part of the bunks need adjusting as the transom side is being supported. Good deal.

    The first trip used 1/2 tank of gas. It's a good thing I have 2 tanks. We did a lot of cruising but I think 6 gallons would be plenty for 1-2 days of messing around.

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    Fish Bite Rod holders!

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    Now that looks sharp Matt. Glad your getting that your first boat set up. I talked to a Tig welder from Danville, IN today about getting a rear rack made for my boat. Hopefully I will be able to post some pics on the finished product soon.
    Your only here for a while, do all that you can.

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    I know a guy that inherited an old boat.It needs some work.So i told him what i heard from you guys.BOAT means break out another thousand.We got a real good laugh from that

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