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I was wanting to know if there was a place in my profile or setting where I can see the date my Level 1 membership expired. I have looked but was not able to find anything. I knew I could track it down by my credit card expenditures but thought there might be an easier way. One of the several advantages of the Level 1 membership is the additional storage space for private messages. Since I have several stored, when my membership just stops, it automatically blocks my PMs because I am automatically over the regular member limit. That is why I had to find this thread to contact you. I am still wandering about USCA stickers that I thought came with the Level 1 membership. I did not receive any last March and am wondering if I will next month when I renew. Thanks for the help Austin.
If you signed up last March you didn't receive them. Send me your name and address and I'll send them. I did all the ones I had for the USCA still last night so some of you guys should be getting them in the next few days. If you don't send me a pm and we'll figure it out.

Thanks fellas!