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    Quote Originally Posted by twaskom View Post
    I was wanting to know if there was a place in my profile or setting where I can see the date my Level 1 membership expired. I have looked but was not able to find anything. I knew I could track it down by my credit card expenditures but thought there might be an easier way. One of the several advantages of the Level 1 membership is the additional storage space for private messages. Since I have several stored, when my membership just stops, it automatically blocks my PMs because I am automatically over the regular member limit. That is why I had to find this thread to contact you. I am still wandering about USCA stickers that I thought came with the Level 1 membership. I did not receive any last March and am wondering if I will next month when I renew. Thanks for the help Austin.
    If you signed up last March you didn't receive them. Send me your name and address and I'll send them. I did all the ones I had for the USCA still last night so some of you guys should be getting them in the next few days. If you don't send me a pm and we'll figure it out.

    Thanks fellas!

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    I paid for a blue shield 20 Jan 17 via PP & received my stickers by mail a couple weeks ago. However, my shield still doesn't appear... Can you please fix it? Thanks Austin!

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    Did you send me stickers yet? Haven't gotten them.

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    I've sent all decals on my list. Please send me a pm with your address if you have not got them and I will resend them.

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    Austin, my personal messaging have been cut off again. I renewed with PayPal on the 12th. If this is an automated system, it isn't working right. I would send this in a PM but can't unless I delete the PMs I want to keep.


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    Ok, I am finally re-instated. I don't know how that system is set up to work but it does not work right. It has made three mistakes in the last two years. And when it says you are supposed to get stickers with your paid membership, you should not have to go back in again and request them. They are part of the membership.

    Your only here for a while, do all that you can.

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    I hate to say this but my dog got a hold of all the envelopes I had ready to go and shredded them last night as I slept. He also got all my stamps and most of what was in the trash can. I'm going to redo them this weekend.

    Sorry guys. I should mention he shredded one of my pill bottles the other day and we had to rush him off to the vet. He hasn't been acting right ever since.

    If I run into any issues I will post them here.

    Sorry again guys. I know I'm behind and it's not intentional. We have practice and softball games a few times a week between two kids and it's eating up all my free time. I will get to them by the weekend.

    Please don't tell my boss my dog shredded them. HE would be pissed. I did manage to save the decals (all but 2 which had teeth marks in them).

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    With all that goin on, when the heck do ya fish?

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    I haven't been fishing in a very long time now. Mostly because I don't have anyone to watch my kids. Any volunteers?

    I should mention my dog also got into my meds and had to be rushed to the vet. It was my sleeping pills so he was out for a couple of days and has been pooping everywhere. It's been a gross and aggravating week with him.

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    Not to worry Austin I've still got the last six decals I received sitting in a drawer.....LOL. I'm not a supporting member for the decals.

    USS NOA DD-841
    Lean, Clean and Mean

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