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    A friend came by this morning to hunt our property and showed me a new rifle he bought yesterday. It's a Mossberg "Deer Thugs" .30-06 with a scope. I think the whole setup tax and all was less than $400.

    Attachment 200536Has anyone ever owned one of these Deer Thug series and share any negative or positive points of this gun?

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    Honestly you get what you pay for .. A remington 700 adl or bdl would probably be a better bet. I have shot a Mossberg rifle or two and wasnt impressed one bit . Rough trigger pull .. Sloppy bolt. But Stuff like that does not bother the shoot it one or two time a year type person . I use only three brands on rifles . Remington weatherby and sako . with zeiss scopes only .. :)

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    Yeah, I read some reviews online and honestly, there wasn't much out there. I heard lots of criticism on Mossberg in general, but not on this particular rifle, probably because it's a new thing......He also has a Winchester Model 94 he bought used a few years ago, he's not satisfied with so he jumped on the Mossberg. It sorta sounds like a gimmick and the catchy name "Deer Thugs" might sell a few extra.

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    I bought a mossburg reaper in 270 last year and like it. It has a 2 stage trigger which was smooth as silk and the action was ok. Had a fluted barrel but i don't shoot enough to get the thing hot. Zeroing i prefer to wait between shots and if ya get it hot hunting, well ya better go back to the bench and zero again. Comparatively priced is Savage, and i've heard alot of folks that really liked them.

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    Don't know much about the mossberg but I've long been a believer that you don't need to spend a fortune to get a nice rifle. I have a savage .22-250 that will shoot nice groups all day long. I got it used when I bought a whole gun collection from an old fella that wanted to see his guns go to a good home. He was also left handed so he had tons of LH bolt action and ambidextrous slide action shotguns and rifles, I couldn't pass on it :)

    Anyway, there's an article in this month's field & stream about inexpensive rifles that shoot well. The long and short is that modern machinery can make parts so precise that mass produced guns can shoot as well as older hand fitted guns. I had never really thought of it that way but it makes sense. The old expensive rifles had to be hand fitted by a master rifle maker to get the precise tolerances that a good bolt action requires. Today's mass producing methodology (robots, CNC machinces, etc) can reproduce this same precision over and over again. This means that nowadays you can get a quality shooting rifle around $400. Given the manufacturing strategy it's inevitable that a bad one will come off the line every now and then but it's worth the gamble in my opinion.

    The author's choice was the Marlin X7. It consequently was also the cheapest in the test at just over $300. If they made it in left hand action I'd ask for one for christmas.

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    IMO the Mossberg will serve you just fine, it will not however have the same smooth feel of a more expensive rifle, machine marks will be more obivious and the trigger may leave a little to be desired. Savage also offers a package deal and while it's not a timley I am quite satisfied with their accu-trigger which can be adjusted by the owner. I bought one to pack on the ATV while out checking the farm, just couldn't bring myself to take a chance of dinging one of the Remingtons or the Anchultz. My first high powered rifle was a surplus Mauser 98 in 8mm that I cut the military stock down on and drilled and tapped on a cheap drill press for scope mounting and it served me well. While there is no denying the relibility of the old 98 I am guessing the Mossbery will be a lot more refined.

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    When I was out the other day putting my new henry 45-70 in jail I looked at one of them thugs. Sorry mossberg you dropped the ball on it. Will it work sure. Would I own one nope. I hated the sloppy bolt the no name scope on it just felt cheap. For the price the savage is twice as good.

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    Savage to me is the cheapest but most accurate rifle I would own. Mossberg is an economy brand gun but also feels cheap in your hands. Both will kill a deer just fine but for the price I would take a Savage anyway.

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