Has anyone found any Catalpa worms yet?

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    Default Has anyone found any Catalpa worms yet?

    Just wondering if it's worth taking the time to check a few trees?

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    Its about that time, maybe a little late actually. Who knows with this hot summer what the timing will be like.

    Good luck!

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    Quote Originally Posted by jfornoff06 View Post
    Just wondering if it's worth taking the time to check a few trees?
    I have a nice catalpa tree on the far east end of my property, but it's never had worms on it.

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    all the trees that have them where i live are empty this year....

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    got alot about 4 weeks ago . got them in the freezer now. if i ever get off 10 hr days at work might get to use them .

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    I know I know im several hundred miles.away but the catalpa worms are cycling every 30 days or until all the leaves are gone on the few trees I have ever since may . Whats so bad is I never fish with them .

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    Catalpa worms....not CATAWBA.

    Worms which frequent them.....

    Can't tell! Catawba worm trees are just THAT.

    Catawba is a tribe of Indians (native Americans).

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    my gpa has a few trees and he said they were on about a month ago, ive used them a few times there great for channel cats but i havent caught anything bug with them on the rivers. my wifes gpa has 4 of them hanging over the water at his lake and anything and everything eats them in there if i get there right when they start showing up it like heaven, ya never know what ur gonna bring outta there cause it used to be a paylake in the 60s. i caught a bunch of flatheads, bass, channels bluegills,crappie, and even carp outta there in one day, great day that was. as for anywhere else channels will tear them up, i always put the hook at the head and rolled them inside out down the hook and it worked well but the bluegills tear them up quick to.

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    It's been an odd year for catalpa worms in this area. My trees had some worms about a month earlier than normal then they disappeared and haven't returned to this point.

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