Unknown trail cam pics!!!!! is this a bear???

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    Default Unknown trail cam pics!!!!! is this a bear???

    ok i live in washington county, and i have never saw a bear here and there has never been a reported bear kill in our county i dont think. anyway i got about 800 acers of thick dense woods. i put out the trail cams the other day and got some wiered pics that im not to sure wth it is. any opinions on what you guys think it is please. i think its a big bear but it seems to have longer hair than you see on most bears, but like i said before i never saw or heard of anyone seeing a bear anywhere around here.

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    if the pics wont let you make em big someone tell me how to and ill do it so you can see em better

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    Charles Phillip
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    I would like a copy of that pic so I can work with it a little. I sent you a PM.

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    is this the only pic that you got of it

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    yep just them 2 pics yesterday morning and i put anothera camera on same tree facing other way yesterday so i am lettting it go 2 days before checking it again which will be tomorow i will check it. so i got 2 cameras on same tree now one facing each way, in and out on the trail where the pic was taken

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    I might throw out another possibility other then a bear. Living in such rugged forest leads me to think Sasquatch. But yet I have been wrong before LOL.

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    lol you have no idea how many people have said the same thing haha

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    After playing with the pic for a bit it sure looks like it could be. Hard to be sure from the angles and not being the original pics, but pulled from what was posted. But build and proportion's look right.

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    Wayne Smith
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    looks like the rear end of a giant hog to me. I've got pics here that look almost exactly the same and I know for a fact ours are hogs, as I also have perfect pics of the same hogs from my trailcam...

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    that would be even stranger if it was a hog. closest wild hogs to me are at least a state or 2 away. would you mind posting up pics that look like mine. thanks

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