Rough Day on the Altamaha

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    Default Rough Day on the Altamaha

    Went fishing today on the altamaha by Jaycee landing. Only caught one Flathead all day. I was using live bream and cut bait. Worked all my holes and every piece of good structure I know and almost came up with a goose egg. Caught one small flathead at the very end of my day. Im pretty sure the cold front that came in was really effecting the fish. the water temperature dropped about 5 degrees in 2 days. I was hoping it was going to be a good thing but it sure was not. Anyone have any luck on the Altamaha, Just want to see if I was doing something wrong lol

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    thats fishing......i had to work today so you did better than me, lol

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    I was thinking about going out there today but not sure yet.

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